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ㄐㄩ [jU1.Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
V(1)  Arrest, seize: [jU1bu3], [jU1ya1], [jU1na2], [jU1liu2].
(2)  Restrain, restrict, limit the freedom of: 不 without restraint, no mater what, regardless;
形式 disregard formalities;
(3)  V.i., hesitate: [jU1ji4]↓.
AdjSubject to restraint: [jU1jin3]↓;
縮縮 timid, timorous, spiritless;
Words1.捕 [jU1bu3], v.t., arrest, take into custody. 
2.牽 [jU1qian1], v.t., put limitations on. 
3.管 [jU1](')[guan3], v.t., arrest and put under surveillance. 
4.介 [jU1jie4], adj., (LL) (of conduct) scrupulously correct. 
5.忌 [jU1ji4], v.i., hesitate out of scruples. 
6.謹 [jU1jin3], adj., (of persons) cautious, modest, diffident, reserved. 
7.住 [jU1zhu4](1)  v.i. & t., seize, catch; (2)  p.p., tied down by forms. 
8.執 [jU1zhi2](1)  adj., stubborn; (2)  v.t., to arrest. 
9. [jU1jU1], adj., (1)  sticking to rules, formalistic; (2)  (AC) hunchbacked; (3)  小數 a small amount. 
10.禮 [jU1li3], v.i., be bound by formalities, stand on ceremony. 
11.留 [jU1liu2], v.t., detain (a person) on minor charges. 
12.攣 [jU1luan2]([jU1luan0]), (1)  n., cramps, spasms; (2)  v.t., restrain, restrict the freedom of; 
13.攣兒 jU1'lyuaer0, adj., cramped; 
14.攣 [jU1luan2]([jU1luan0]), forming ringlets or coils (of hair). 
15.縻 [jU1mi2], v.t., put under restraint. 
16.拿 [jU1na2], v.t., see [jU1bu3]↑. 
17.泥 [jU1ni2], v.i. & adj., (be) formalistic, sticking to the rules. 
18.票 [jU1piao4], n., a warrant for arrest. 
19.束 [jU1shu4]([jU1su0]), (1)  v.t., restrain, restrict the freedom of; (2)  adj., (of persons) awkward. timid, shy, not at ease. 
20.提 [jU1ti2], v.t., summon (defendant) to appear before court; arrest and keep under detention. 
21.押 [jU1ya1], v.t., take into custody. 
22.役 [jU1yi4], n., imprisonment, a prison term.