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ㄊㄨㄛ [tuo1.Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
V(1)  To drag, pull: 人出去 drag person out of house;
過來,過去 drag about;
衣服在地上 skirt trails on the floor;
拉拉 drag and pull;
曳 ditto;
船 pull boat (against current) by worker on bank;
拉機 tractor;
drag person into business;
著我 don't drag me in;
著母親 child drags mother about;
泥帶水 diffuse, irrelevant talk, not clear-cut;
人下水 drag s.o.. down to one's own level of crime or misery;
地板 mop the floor.
(2)  To delay, prolong: 別了 don't delay any more;
得太久了 this has been dragging on for too long;
長 prolong (meeting, speech);
時間 delay, play for time;
了一屁股(一身)債 burdened down with debts;
延,[tuo1yan2], [tuo1dang4], etc.↓.
Words1.車 [tuo1che1](1)  n., trailer; (2)  v.i., to pull cart. 
2.欠 [tuo1qian4], v.t., be in debt, bear debt. 
3.床(兒) [tuo1chuang2]([er0]), n., sledge. 
4.宕 [tuo1dang4], v.i., delay, drag on. 
5.累 [tuo1lei3], v.t., involve another person in financial loss, or court proceedings. 
6.露 [tuo1lu4], (also [tu1lu0] in Peking coll.), v.i., hang down. 
7.鞋 [tuo1xie2], n., slippers. 
8.沓 [tuo1ta4], adj., not clear-cut, troublesome in dealings. 
9.延 [tuo1yan2], v.t., procrastinate. 
10.油瓶 [tuo1you2ping2], n., children of preceding marriage living with mother in second marriage.