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ㄔㄜˋ [che4] (sp. pr. *ㄔㄜˋ [che4 or ㄔㄞ [chai1 both allowable).Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
V(1)  (*[che4]) To tear apart, break up: 信,封 open letter, envelope;
開來看 open (letter, package) and see;
裂 split up.
(2)  (*[chai1]) To break up, tear down, wreck (house): 房子 tear down house;
平 to level (building);
(3)  ([che4]) To break up and analyze, dissect: 字,[che4zi4], [che4bian4]↓.
Words1.白黨 [chai1bai2dang3] ([che4berdang3]), n., gang of swindlers, oft. practising confidence game: 女白 woman swindler. 
2.辯 *[che4bian4], v.i., (MC) to argue law case. 
3.穿 *[chai1chuan1], v.t., reveal (secret, motive): 穿西洋景 (鏡) destroy illusory setup, expose trickery. 
4.毀 *[che4hui3], v.t., to destroy, tear down (bridge, etc.), dismantle (house). 
5.貨 *[chai1huo4], v.i., deal in the business of wrecking (houses, etc.) and selling broden-up timber, tiles, etc. 
6.開 *[che4kai1], v.t., break open (letter); take things apart to study. 
7.爛污 *[chai1lan4wu1], v.i., to do things lousily and leave a mess. 
8.票 *[chai1piao4], v.i., formerly, settle transfer of accounts between local banks morning and noon. 
9.散 *[che4san3], v.t., break up (family, mother and son). 
10.梢 *[chai1shao1], v.i., (Shanghai dial.) to swindle. 
11.洗 [chai1xi3], v.t., take off and wash (bed sheets, etc.). 
12.息 *[chai1xi2], v.i. & n., (pay) daily interest on loan. 
13.臺 *[chai1tai2], v.i., (lit.) tear down stage-to expose or otherwise do harm to a program: 別我的臺 do not undermine what I am doing. 
14.字 *[che4zi4], v.i., (fortune telling) dissect components of character to give an esoteric meaning.