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ㄏㄨ [hu1.Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
NA surname.
V(1)  To exhale: [hu1xi1]↓;
出一口氣 exhale a breath.
(2)  To call (person): 名 call one by name or one is called;
proper address to a person;
醫生 call for a doctor;
天叫地 call to heaven and earth, to scream;
風喚雨 (Taoist magic) call for wind or rain;
馬 if a person calls me a cow, then I am a cow;
if he calls me a horse, then let me be a horse, let people call me what they will (“a cow” or “a horse”)--disregard hostile opinion;
鈴 ring the bell to call servants or attendant;
see 招 10A.40.
(3)  to yell, scream, cry out: 喊,叫,[hu1han3], [hu1jiao4], [hu1hao2]↓;
登高一 (a leader) makes a public appeal, calls for the people to do s.t.;
口號 give password or shout slogans;
shout for joy;
萬歲 call “Banztai” (Long live…) thrice;
求 cry for help;
救,苦 “Help! help!”, cry “pain”;
爺喊娘 cry in pain “for papa, mamma”;
門 call for opening the door;
天搶地 cry to heaven;
盧喝雉 (at dice) shout for top number to come up;
么喝六 ditto, also to shout at people right and left;
Words1.叱 [hu1cha4], v.i. & t., to shout at (people). 
2.喊 [hu1han3], v.i., to cry in distress, to shout, to howl. 
3.號 [hu1hao2](1)  v.i., to wail aloud; (2)  n., ([hu1hao4]) a call signal (as at aloud; broadcast). 
4.喝 [hu1he4], v.t., to bawl at, shout at. 
5. [hu1hu1], v.i., make sound of respiration in sleep; (of winds) whistle. 
6.喚 [hu1huan4], v.t., to call (servants). 
7.叫 [hu1jiao4], v.t., cry out (for help). 
8.救 [hu1jiu4], v.i., to cry for help: 救無門 nowhere to turn for help. 
9.搧 [hu1shan0], v.i. & t., (1)  to stir and make loose, as tucked-in blanket in winter; (2)  shake (like creaking floor). 
10.聲 [hu1sheng1], n., (1)  noise of shouting; (2)  聲甚高 (during election) great popular demand for a person to be elected, be favored to win. 
11.吸 [hu1xi1], n. & v.i., respiration; inhale and exhale; 吸器 organs of respiration. 
12.嘯 [hu1xiao4], v.i., (crowd) roar and shout, (wind, storm) whistle. 
13.圖克圖 [hu1tu2ke4tu2], n., the Mongolian Living Buddha. 
14.延 [hu1yan2], n., a double surname. 
15.應 [hu1ying4], v.i & t., to act in cooperation, to respond as echo to sound: 此彼應,互相應 take concerted action. 
16.冤 [hu1yUan1], v.i., to cry one has been wronged, to call for justice. 
17.籲 [hu1yU4], v.i. & t., to appeal for, plead for (unity, etc.).