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ㄏㄨˇ [hu3.Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
N(1)  Tiger: 老 tiger (not necessarily “old”);
a fierce tiger;
添翼 lend support to rebel (“like adding wing to tiger”);
頭捉虱,頭抓蒼蠅 try to catch lice, flies, on tiger's head…unwise provocation;
捋 (or 拔) 鬚 “twist tiger’s whiskers”--twist lion's tail;
勢成騎,騎難下 like riding on tiger--afraid to go on and unable to get down;
不入穴,焉得子 the only way to catch tiger cubs is to go into tiger's den--take necessary risk;
毒不食兒 even a beast does not eat its young;
口 (a) a dangerous spot, (b) (fortune-telling) area between thumb and index finger;
口餘生 narrowly escape from danger;
步 a great warrior’s firm strides like the tiger's;
背熊腰 (a person) of a stocky and imposing build, boxer's sinuous posture;
視耽耽 cast covetous eyes on;
腦 (person's) appearance of strength;
尾,尾春冰 like treading on tiger's tail or spring ice;
頭蛇尾 (of affairs) a brave beginning and weak ending.
(2)  Tiger as symbol of ferocity or bravery: 而冠 a vindictive person (tiger in a human cap);
將 a brave general;
帳 general's tent;
臣 brave ministers;
士 brave fighter;
狼之性voracious, violent nature;
威 fear-inspiring prowess.
(3)  A surname.
Words1.榜 [hu2bang3], n., announcement of successful military graduates. 
2.賁 [hu3ben1], n., (AC) a brave warriors. 
3.蹲砲 [hu3dun1pao4], n., (1)  a short-barreled mortar; (2)  an ancient catapult. 
4.耳草 [hu2er3cao3], n., (bot.) the saxifrage. 
5.符 [hu3fu2], n., a general's seal. 
6.掌 [hu2zhang3], n., (bot.) a poisonous plant, the jack-in-the-pulpit. 
7.帳 [hu3zhang4], n., a general's tent. 
8.列拉 [hu3lie4la1], n., (translit.) cholera, now usu. called 霍亂. 
9.皮豆兒 [hu3pi2dou4er0], n., (1)   a kind of black spotted bean; (2)  an insect resembling (1)  
10.穴 [hu3xie2], n., tiger's den, esp. 穴龍潭 a hazardous spot. 
11.鬚 [hu3xU1], n., (1)  tiger's whiskers; (2)  lamp pith. 
12.頭拍 [hu3tou0pai1], n., words to scare (person). 
13.頭牌 [hu3tou2pai2], n., a sign of magistrate's office to “keep off.” 
14.刺 [hu3ci4], n., (bot.) the barberry, Damnacanthus indicus
15.子 [hu3zi3], n., a tiger cub.