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ㄢˋ [an4.Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
V(1)  To put hand on: 劍 to put hand on sword.
(2)  To press down: 手指一 press with finger;
鈴 press the bell;
鈕 press a button;
箱蓋 press down trunk cover;
(fig.) to repress, keep down by force;
住,不住 keep down by hand, cannot keep s.t. down;
轡 draw up a horse;
(3)  To make legal investigation: 察,[an4cha2], [an4wen4]↓.
(4)  To comment, make an editor’s or author’s comment: 編者 editor's note, comment;
Prep(1)  According to: [an4zhao4]↓;
規矩 according to regulations or customs;
圖索驥 locate s.t. by a plan or chart;
步(部)就班 go each according to his duties, proceed in order.
(2)  By, one by one: 戶 (go round) door by door;
次序 (proceed) in order;
月交款 pay by the month;
期清還 repay according to schedule.
Words1.兵 [an4bing1], phr., 兵不動 keep back army from battle. 
2.察 [an4cha2], v.t., to investigate court cases; 察使 formerly, inspector of justice (idea similar to circuit court). 
3.成(兒) [an4cheng2]([er0]), adv., proportionately (=成分). 
4.蹻 [an4qiao1], v.i., (AC) to massage. 
5.堵 [an4du3], v.i., (AC) to settle down, return to normal (also 安堵). 
6.照 [an4zhao4], prep., according to (regulations, etc.). 
7.酒 [an4jiu3], n., (MC) snacks or things to go with wine. 
8.治 [an4zhi4], v.i. & t., to crossexamine. 
9.理 [an4li3], phr., according to reason; according to established principles (one should be punnished, but now need not, etc.). 
10.脈 [an4mo4], v.i., feel the pulse. 
11.摩 [an4mo2], v.i., give massage. 
12.納(捺) [an4na4], v.t., to repress anger, restrain: 捺不住 could not restrain any longer. 
13.鈕 [an4niu3], v.i., press a button. 
14.說 [an4shuo1], phr., (=理說) according to reason, see [an4li3]↑. 
15.次 [an4ci4], adv., in good order or sequence. 
16.問 [an4wen4], v.t., to crossexamine (person). 
17.壓 [an4ya1], v.t., to hold back (a document, report, decision) in bureaucratic tradition. 
18.語 [an4yU3], n., a comment (by author, editor).