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ㄔˊ [chi2.Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
V(1)  To hold (pen, knife, etc.): 筆 hold a pen… write;
贈 to present gift with both hands.
(2)  To hold fast, hold the ground, sustain: 把 to monopolize (position, power);
不下 both hold their grounds, neither yielding.
(3)  To manage, maintain: 主 to head some undertaking;
家,主家政 manage the home, household;
maintain, keep s.t. going;
場面 maintain the front;
maintain (status, distance), guard (treasure, tradition);
,扶 sustain, support (person to stand up, tottering regime, etc.).
(4)  To hold by force: 劫 hold for ransom;
control s.o. in one's power (as emperor by warlord).
Words1.法 [chi2fa3], v.i., maintain the law: 法森嚴 administer sharp justice. 
2.服 [chi2fu2], v.i., resign and stay at home during parents’ mourning of three years. 
3.更 [chi2geng1], v.i., keep night watch by sounding drum at intervals. 
4.衡 [chi2heng2](1)  v.i., (LL) maintain standard by criticism of events, personalities; (2)  adj., balanced (criticism). 
5.齊 [chi2zhai1], v.i., keep vegetarian fast. 
6.正 [chi2zheng4], v.i., support what is right. 
7.家 [chi2jia1], v.i., (1)  run a household; (2)  maintain family fortune and status. 
8.戒 [chi2jie4], v.i., (Budd.) observe monastic rules. 
9.節 [chi2jie2], v.i., be sent abroad as ambassador (see 節 92A.22). 
10.久 [chi2jiu3], v.i., hold out long, last: 不能久 this will not last; 久戰 protracted warfare, war of endurance. 
11.重 [chi2zhong4], v.i., act with gravity, not flighty or frivolous: 老成重 experienced and steady (person). 
12.祿 [chi2lu4], v.i., hold sinecure jobs. 
13.論 [chi2lun4], v.i., hold views: 論公平 hold impartial views. 
14.滿 [chi2man3] v.i., be proud of oneself or of success. 
15.平 [chi2ping2], v.i., hold just views: 平之論 a balanced view. 
16.身 [chi2shen1], v.i., conduct oneself (properly). 
17.行 [chi2xing2], v.i. & n., (Budd.) conduct. 
18.續 [chi2xU4], v.i., carry on. 
19.養 [chi2yang3], v.i., take good care (of health), cultivate spiritual regimen. 
20.盈 [chi2ying2], v.i., maintain a good luck or success: 盈保泰 maintain good luck by restraint.