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ㄓˇ [zhi3.Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
NFinger: [zhi3tou0]↓;
index finger;
middle finger;
無名 ring finger;
little finger;
[zhi3jia0]↓屈可數 can count on the fingers of a hand;
不勝屈 too many to count (on the fingers);
浩繁 many mouths to feed;
have a finger in the pie;
間 at the snap of a finger, instantly.
V(1)  To point at, point to : 著 pointing at;
向前 point forward;
手畫腳,天畫地 point right and left, gesticulate wildly;
天誓日 swear by the heaven and sun as witness;
十手所 target of public accusation.
(2)  To point out, indicate, to show, demonstrate: 示,明,點,[zhi3shi4]1, [zhi3ming2]2, [zhi3dian3], [zhi3dao4]↓;
桑罵槐,雞罵狗 scold, abuse person by ostensibly pointing to s.o. else;
東說西 make concealed reference to s.t.;
鹿為馬 (AC allu.) a trick by ancient premier 趙高 to demand absolute agreement by pointing at a deer and calling it a horse and killing those who disagreed.
(3)  To count on s.t.: [zhi3wang0]↓;
著這點錢度日 depend on this money for expenses;
日可成 can finish in a few days (on definite date).
(4)  (Var.of 旨) aim at: 趣,要,[zhi3qU4], [zhi3yao4], [zhi3gui1]↓.
Words1.標 [zhi3biao1], n., an index sign; n.,(math.) characteristic. 
2.斥 [zhi3chi4], v.t., to censure (person, act), denounce, blame. 
3.趣 [zhi3qU4], n., essential idea (旨趣 preferred). 
4.導 [zhi3dao4], v.t., to guide, advise (person). 
5.點 [zhi3dian3]([zhi3dian0]), v.t., to point out (mistakes, pitfalls), to advise, give guidance; [zhi2dian3]([zhi3dian0]), 點兒 [zhi3diaaer0]
6.定 [zhi3ding4], v.t., assign (date, person). 
7.歸 [zhi3gui1], n., concourse where all points meet; main drift or tenet. 
8.顧 [zhi3gu4], phr., as in 顧間 in a short while, before you turn your back. 
9.骨 [zhi2gu3], n., finger bones, phalange. 
10.畫 [zhi3hua4], n., finger painting, with fingers in place of brush. 
11.環 [zhi3huan2], n., ring (on finger). 
12.揮 [zhi3hui1]1(1)  v.t., to direct (as with sword on battlefield); v.t., to conduct (performance); to command (a big army); (2)  n., 揮官 commanding officer; n., 總揮 commander in chief; 揮刀 officer's sword; 揮 conductor; 揮棒 conductor's baton; 揮艙 (astron.)command module. 
13.麾 [zhi3hui1]2 v.t., to direct (as with a flag on battlefield); see [zhi3hui1]1↑. 
14.掌 [zhi2zhang3], phr., usu. in 瞭如掌 clear like pointing at a palm; 易如掌 easy as pointing at a palm. 
15.摘 [zhi3zhe2], v.t., point out (faults). 
16.甲 [zhi3jia0], n., fingernails; 甲套兒 fingernail protector; 甲草 balsam, used for dyeing fingernails; 甲油 nail polish. 
17.教 [zhi3jiao4], v.t., instruct, advise, oft. used courteously to ask for opinion: 請你多多教. 
18.囷 [zhi3jUn1], phr., (AC, allu.) help friend in need. 
19.令 [zhi3ling4], v.t. & n., to issue government order to party concerned; v.t. & n.,such issue. 
20.迷 [zhi3mi2], phr., 迷津 help one realize one's error (“point out the ferry”). 
21.名 [zhi3ming2]1, phr., with direct mention of person's name (in accusation, etc.). 
22.明 [zhi3ming2]2, v.t., to demonstrate (correct, incorrect points), point out, indicate. 
23.摹 [zhi3mo2], n., fingerprint (also wr.模), see [zhi3yin4]↓. 
24.南 [zhi3nan2], n., a guidebook (to place, language, subject.); 南針 mariner's compass. 
25.書 [zhi3shu1], n., writing with finger in place of brush; n.,cf.[zhi3hua4]↑. 
26.數 [zhi3shu4], n., (math.) exponent, index; index number. 
27.示 [zhi3shi4]1, n., & v.t., an instruction, see [zhi3jiao4]↑; n., advise, instruct (way to do it). 
28.事 [zhi3shi4]2, n., one of the six principles (see 六書 60.80) of formation of Chin. characters--a compound pictograph, as 上下 “above”below.” 
29.使 [zhi2shi3], v.t., to direct, esp. behind the scene; v.t.,to instigate. 
30.算 [zhi3suan4], n., counting by fingers; n.,use of abacus. 
31.沓 [zhi3ta4], n., thimble (also wr.). 
32.頭 [zhi3tou0], n., finger; 頭肚兒 base joint of finger which slightly bulges out. 
33.責 [zhi3ze2], v.t., see [zhi3chi4]↑. 
34.望 [zhi3wang0], v.i., to hope: 望成功 hope for, look forward to, success; 望兒子成家立業 look forward to the time when (the son) will marry and settle down; 望兒 one's hope. 
35.紋 [zhi3wen2], n., fingerprint; 紋學 dactylography. 
36.要 [zhi3yao4], n., outline, essentials (of a subject). 
37.印 [zhi3yin4], n., fingerprint, see [zhi3wen2]↑. 
38.引 [zhi2yin3], n., & v.t., guidance; to guide.