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ㄩㄥˇ [yong3.Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
N(1)  Soldier, conscript: 兵 ditto.
(2)  Bravery, courage: 匹夫之 animal courage.
Adj(1)  Brave: [yong3gan3]↓;
者 the brave;
隊 volunteers;
loyal and brave;
德 fortitude.
(2)  Forward, ready: 於私鬥,怯於公憤 ever ready for private fights, but leaning backwards in public cause;
往 proceed courageously.
(3)  Fierce: 猛,[yong3meng3], [yong3han4]↓.
Words1.氣 [yong3qi4], n., courage. 
2.敢 [yong2gan3], adj., brave, daring. 
3.悍 [yong3han4], adj., fearless, ferocious (fighter). 
4.決 [yong3jUe2], adj., decisive, determined (person). 
5.猛 [yong2meng3], adj. & adv., brave, -ly, fearless, -ly. 
6.士 [yong3shi4], n., warrior, fighter. 
7.退 [yong3tui4], phr., 急流退 “retreat bravely”--i.e., draw back wisely in face of overwhelming odds. 
8.往 [yong2wang3], phr., 往直前 go forward courageously. 
9.武 [yong2wu3], adj., martial (spirit).