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ㄎㄜ [ke1.Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
N(1)  Class, branch of study: [ke1mu4]↓;
department of study;
special course of study;
elective subject in school;
,理,醫 school of arts, science, medicine;
,外… internal medicine, surgery, etc.;
全書 encyclopedia.
(2)  The civil examinations in empire days: 舉,甲,第,[ke1jU3], [ke1jia2], [ke1di4], [ke1ming2]↓;
obtain degrees in civil examinations.
(3)  Administrative section in government;
總務 business section;
文書 section for documents (secretariat);
長 section chief;
員 member of section staff.
(4)  Criminal record: 犯有前 record of former offense.
(5)  (Chin. opera) dialogue: 白,[ke1bai2], [ke1hun4]↓.
V(1)  To sentence punishment: 罪,以刑責 punish by law, punish for criminal offense;
罰 to set fine for offense.
(2)  To decree: 斷 pass sentence;
派 order payment or labor service.
Words1.白 [ke1bai2], n. & v.i., (opera) dialogue part (not sung). 
2.班 (兒) [ke1ban1] ([ke1ba1er0]), n., service in government: 班出身 career official. 
3.第 [ke2di4], n., civil examinations. 
4.斗 [ke1dou3], n., tadpole (also wr. 蝌蚪). 
5.段 [ke1duan4], n., (MC) method of doing (=手段). 
6.諢 [ke1kun4], n. & v.i., see [ke1bai2]↑. 
7.甲 [ke1jia2], see [ke1di4]↑. 
8.舉 [ke1jU3], n., formerly, civil examinations for government degrees. 
9.名 [ke1ming2], n., degrees in civil examinations. 
10.目 [ke1mu4], n., (1)  branch or subject of study; formerly, subject of civil examinations; (2)  category, class of subjects or affairs. 
11.學 [ke1xUe2], n., science: 自然學 natural science; 人文學 the humanities; 學與技術 science and technology; adj., 不學 not scientific; 學家 [ke1xUe2jia1], scientist; 學館 [ke1xUe2guan3], science hall. 
12.條 [ke1tiao2], n., statutes.