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ㄑㄧㄡ [qiu1.Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
N(1)  The autumn season, the fall: [qiu1tian1]↓;
老虎 very hot weather in autumn;
後 period after onset of autumn;
扇見捐 (woman) cast aside like the fan in autumn;
思 feeling of desolation;
雨 disconsolate winds and rains;
土 old, forgotten scholar;
汎 autumn floods;
色 autumnal colors;
試,闈 provincial test for 舉人 degree in civil examinations;
涼 the chill of autumn;
意 slight chill in the air, a “touch” of autumn;
季 autumn;
Mid-Autumn Festival (15th of the 8th lunar month);
late autumn;
in deep autumn;
harvest time;
Spring and Autumn, see 春 12.41.
(2)  Year: 千 a thousand years, (fig.) forever;
萬歲 eternity.
(3)  Time, period: 多事之 troublous times;
危急存亡之 period of national crisis, a time when national existence hangs in the balance.
(4)  A surname.
Words1.波 [qiu1bo1], n., a girl's significant glance (compared to beauty of “autumn ripples”): 送波 to cast flirtatious looks at, make friendly gestures to (another). 
2.成 [qiu1cheng2], n., harvest (season). 
3.千 [qiu1qian1], n., the swing (on which children and ladies play; var. of 鞦韆). 
4.氣 [qiu1qi4], n., the air, the chill of autumn; (fig.) air of desolation. 
5.分 [qiu1fen1], n., the autumnal equinox (September 23 or 24). 
6.風 [qiu1feng1], n, (1)  The autumnal winds: 風過耳 unheeded like a passing autumnal breeze; [qiu1feng1], n, (2) 風 get commission on errands, send birthday or wedding invitations indiscriminately to one and all with the hope of getting presents from them. 
7.海棠 [qiu1hai3tang2], n., (bot.) the begonia, Begonia evansiana
8.毫 [qiu1hao2], n., (lit.) autumn down on birds--very minute particle: 毫無犯 (of army) do not cause the slightest damage to the people (by looting, etc.). 
9.節 [qiu1jie2], n., the Mid-Autumn Festival. 
10.葵 [qiu1kui2], n., (bot.) the hibiscus, Abelmoschous esculentus
11.羅 [qiu1luo2], n., a thin twill silk. 
12.牡丹 [qiu1mu3dan1], n., (bot.) Japanese anemone, Anemone japonica
13.娘 [qiu1niang2], n., woman in the thirty-forties. 
14.收 [qiu1shou1], n., the autumn harvest. 
15.霜 [qiu1shuang1], n., frost in autumn, (fig.) of cold countenance, also of white hair on old man. 
16.水 [qiu1shui3], n., the autumn waters, (fig.) of woman's fluid glance, see [qiu1bo1]↑; clear, bright look; sword flash. 
17.事 [qiu1shi4], n., harvest affairs. 
18.汛 [qiu1xUn4], n., autumnal floods. 
19.天 [qiu1tian1], n., autumn (days).