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ㄕˊ [shi2 (*ㄕㄜˋ [she4, * [shi1).Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
V(1)  To pick up: 起來 pick it up;
人牙慧, 人唾餘 (contempt.) pick up what others say or write;
物招領 articles found, owner please contact;
金不昧 return money found;
級 (*sheh-jir) 而登 mount up a flight of steps;
如俛芥(AC) as easy as to pick dirt from the floor (芥 s.t. insignificant).
(2)  To gather: 揀select and gather;
put (room, objects) in order.
(3)  To turn (things) about: [shi2fan0]↓.
Words1.取 [shi2qU3], v.t., (1)  collect, gather: 取風光月色 (LL) to take in and enjoy the air and the moon; (2)  to pick up from the ground. 
2.掇 [shi2duo0], v.t., (1)  to assemble and put to order; (2)  to gather (sundry things, quotations); (3)  to punish: 非掇他不可 must teach him a lesson. 
3.翻 *[shi1fan0], v.t., to turn upside down: 把一抽屜的東西都翻亂了 has turned over the contents of the drawer. 
4.漏 (兒) (子) [shi2lou4]([er0])([zi0]), v.i., to find a chance to pick up some money. 
5.沒 [shi2mo0], adj., (MC) =什麼,甚麼 what? 
6.笑兒 [shi2xiao4er0], v.i., to join in laughter. 
7.遺 [shi2yi2], n. & v.i., (1)  (to make) a supplement of omissions in some work; (2)  to pick up lost articles.