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ㄊㄧㄠ [tiao1 (*ㄊㄧㄠˇ [tiao3).Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
N([tiao1zi0], [er0]) A load (of fruit, etc.) carried with a pole on shoulder.
V(1)  To carry with a pole on the shoulder (by one person; 擔 [dan1] by two persons): 水的 water carrier;
不動,不起 cannot carry it.
(2)  Select, pick out: 好的 choose the good ones;
便宜 try to drive a good bargain;
好日子 choose a propitious day;
三攉四,六 pick and choose--fussy.
(3)  Pick fault: 毛病,錯,不是 try to find fault;
字眼兒 pick bones with person;
鼻子 ditto;
剔,刺,[tiao1ti0], [tiao1ci4], [tiao1yan3],↓.
(4)  To prick, adjust lightly: 疔 prick, lance a boil;
痧 to pinch certain ligaments on neck as remedy for sunstroke.
(5)  (*[tiao3]) Lift up: 燈 raise wick of oil lamp;
簾子 lift up bamboo curtain or screen;
眉毛 pick eyebrow.
(*[tiao3]) To provoke, incite, stir up: 動 incite to action;
情,戰,[tiao1qing2], [tiao1zhan4], [tiao1bo1], etc.↓.
Words1.撥 *[tiao3bo1], v.t., to instigate (person), incite (hatred, suspicion): 撥是非 to cause alienation between friends by spreading rumors, etc. 
2.情 *[tiao3qing2], v.i., to dally with (girl), to incite sexual passion. 
3.取 [tiao1qU3], v.t., to pick, choose (s.t. or s.o.). 
4.鬥 *[tiao3dou4], v.t., challenge to a fight; (MC) dally. 
5.動 *[tiao3dong4], v.i., see [tiao3bo1]↑. 
6.費 *[tiao3fei4] ([tiao1fei0]), n., daily expenses. 
7.夫 [tiao1fu1], n., carrier (of baggage, water, etc.), see V.t.1. 
8.花(兒) [tiao1hua1]([er0]), v.i. & n., needle point (lace, embroidery). 
9.戰 *[tiao3zhan4], v.t., challenge, challenge to battle. 
10.揀 [tiao1jian3], v.t., choose (best fruit, goods). 
11.賣 [tiao1mai4], v.i. & t., peddle, be pedlar. 
12.弄 *[tiao3nong4], v.t., see *[tiao3bo1]↑; tease. 
13.戲 *[tiao3xi4], v.t., dally with, tease (girls). 
14.釁 *[tiao3xin4], v.i., make an act of provocation. 
15.選 [tiao1xUan3], v.i., choose the best. 
16.唆 *[tiao3suo1] ([tiao3suo0]), v.t., instigate (to fight), try to alienate (friends). 
17.達 [tiao1ta4], adj., restless, agile, dexterous (also wr. 跳蹋,佻). 
18.剔 [tiao1ti0], v.i. & t., (1)  to pick fault; (2)  (callig.) make an abrupt, upward stroke. 
19.刺(兒) [tiao1ci4] ([tiao1ce4er0]), v.i., to pick fault. 
20.眼 [tiao1yao3], v.i., to pick fault.