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ㄐㄩㄣ [jUn1.Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
N(1)  Soldiers: [jUn1shi4]1 ↓;
(2)  Troops, armed forces: 三 a nation's armed forces;
the army;
the navy;
the air force;
[jUn1shi4]2 ↓;
記者 a war correspondent;
牧師 an army chaplain;
青年 the youth corps;
禁衛 palace guards;
garrison forces;
be in active military service;
(of an army) to march, advance;
garrison forces;
be in active military service;
(of an army) to march, advance;
救世 the Salvation Army;
娘子 (facet.) a group of women banded together for a specific purpose;
童子 Boy Scouts;
女童子 Girl Scouts;
管區 [jUn1guan3qU1]↓;
(會議) disarmament (conference);
潰不成 (of an army) be completely routed.
(3)  Banishment, exile: 充 exile as a form of punishment.
Words1.備 [jUn1bei4], n., armaments. 
2.便服 [jUn1bian4fu2], n., a soldier's fatigue clothes. 
3.壁 [jUn1bi4], n., the walls of barracks. 
4.器 [jUn1qi4], n., arms, weapons. 
5.旗 [jUn1qi2], n., a military flag. 
6.情 [jUn1qing2], n., (1)  military situation at the front; (2)  military intelligence. 
7.區 [jUn1qU1], n., a military district, a corps area. 
8.刀 [jUn1dao1], n., an officer's sword. 
9.隊 [jUn1dui4], n., troops. 
10.法 [jUn1fa3], n., military law. 
11.閥 [jUn1fa2], n., warlords, militarists. 
12.費 [jUn1fei4], n., military expenses. 
13.服 [jUn1fu2], n., military uniform. 
14.港 [jUn1gang3], n., a naval base. 
15.歌 [jUn1ge1], n., a military song. 
16.管區 [jUn1guan3qU1], n., an army district. 
17.官 [jUn1guan1], n., a military officer. 
18.規 [jUn1gui1], n., military rules (regulations). 
19.棍 [jUn1gun4], n., a cane for corporal punishment in the army. 
20.功 [jUn1gong1], n., outstanding services rendered by soldiers in line of duty. 
21.國主義 [jUn1guo2zhu3yi4], n. militarism. 
22.漢 [jUn1han4], n., formerly, privates. 
23.號 [jUn1hao4], n., a military bugle. 
24.火 [jUn1huo3], n., munitions. 
25.長 [jUn1zhang3], n., the commander of an army. 
26.政 [jUn1zheng4], n., military administration. 
27.機 [jUn1ji1], n., classified military information: 機處 the Privy Council of the Manchu Court. 
28.健 [jUn1jian4]1, n., formerly, privates. 
29.艦 [jUn1jian4]2, n., a warship, a man-of-war. 
30.階 [jUn1jie1], n., military ranks. 
31.紀 [jUn1ji4]1, n., military discipline, morale. 
32.妓 [jUn1ji4]2, n., corps of prostitutes in the army. 
33.籍 [jUn1ji2], n., a name list of military personnel. 
34.裝 [jUn1zhuang1], n., (1)  military uniform; (2)  arms and ammunition. 
35.制 [jUn1zhi4], n., military organization. 
36.職 [jUn1zhi2], n., a military post. 
37.眷 [jUn1jUan4], n., military dependents. 
38.壘 [jUn1lei3], n., the walls of a barrack. 
39.糧 [jUn1liang2], n., provisions for the army. 
40.令 [jUn1ling4], n., military orders: 令狀 a written pledge placing oneself liable to punishment by military law in case of infraction. 
41.禮 [jUn1li3], n., military salute. 
42.律 [jUn1lU4], n., military rules and regulations. 
43.旅 [jUn1lU3], n., troops: 旅之事 military matters. 
44.帽 [jUn1mao4], n., military cap. 
45.門 [jUn1men2], n., (1)  the main gate of a barracks; (2)  formerly, honorific title of a Provincial Commander in Chief. 
46.人 [jUn1ren2], n., soldiers, the military. 
47.容 [jUn1rong2], n., the impression an army makes of its morale and capabilities. 
48.餉 [jUn1xiang3], n., funds for the payment of soldiers. 
49.械 [jUn1xie4], n., arms, weapons. 
50.興 [jUn1xing1], phr., an outbreak of war (hostilities). 
51.書 [jUn1shu1], n., military memos. 
52.師 [jUn1shi1], n., (1)  formerly, an inspector-general of the army; (2)  an adviser; (3)  (of chess or card games) a kibitzer. 
53.士 [jUn1shi4]1, n., soldiers. 
54.事 [jUn1shi4]2, n., military affairs. 
55.實 [jUn1shi2], n., military supplies. 
56.需 [jUn1xU1], n., ditto. 
57.臺 [jUn1tai2], n., formerly, an officer responsible for the transmission of military intelligence and messages. 
58.帖 [jUn1tie3], n., an army bulletin. 
59.團 [jUn1tuan2], n., an army corps. 
60.務 [jUn1wu4], n., military affairs. 
61.衣 [jUn1yi1]1, n., military uniform. 
62.醫 [jUn1yi1]2, n., a military surgeon. 
63.營 [jUn1ying2], n., barracks. 
64.樂 [jUn1yUe4], n., military marches: 樂隊 a military band. 
65.用 [jUn1yong4], adj., for use by the military: 用品 military supplies.