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ㄕㄢˋ [shan4 (*ㄕㄢ [shan1 as vb.).Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
N門,一窗 A door, a window.
(1)  ([shan4zi0], [er0]) A fan: 一把子 a fan;
folding fan;
round fan without folds;
feather fan;
,電風 electric fan;
芭蕉 palm-leaf fan;
to use a fan;
見捐 abandoned (lover) like fan in autumn.
(2)  A door panel: 單門 a single-panelled door.
V(*[shan1]) (1)  To fan (fire, person).
(2)  To fan up (flame), instigate, (also wr. 搧,煽): 起風潮 stir up crisis;
(3)  (*[shan4]) (AC) to geld animals (also wr. 騸).
Words1.車(子) [shan4che1]([zi0]), n., a winnowing machine. 
2.蕩 *[shan1dang4], v.t., to stir up unrest. 
3.動 *[shan1dong4], v.t., to instigate (trouble, strike). 
4.骨子 [shan4gu3zi0], n., frame of fan. 
5.惑 *[shan1huo4], v.t., to misguide (youth, etc.) by words. 
6.墜兒 [shan4zhuo4er0], n., pendant attached to a fan. 
7.面兒 [shan4miaher0], n., the “face” (covering) of a fan, oft. containing painting or calligraphy. 
8.翣 [shan4sha4], n., (AC) parasol, a held-up shade during parade. 
9.形 [shan4xing2], adj., fan-shaped (window, etc.). 
10.揚 *[shan1yang2], v.t., (LL) (of fame) spread about. 
11.誘 *[shan1you4], v.t., see [shan1huo4]↑.