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ㄕㄠ [shao1 (*ㄕㄠˋ [shao4).Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
V(1)  To brush against: 橫 brush past;
被老鷹了一翅膀 the eagle's wing brushed against (it).
(2)  (Coll.) to bring along, carry: 信,個信兒來 bring along a message or letter;
(3)  (*[shao4]) To catch raindrops: 這落地窗會雨 this French window will get wet in case of rain.
(4)  (*[shou4]) To glance at: 往後著點 give a quick glance back.
(*[shou4]) See 色,馬子 [shou1shai3], [shou1ma3zi0]↓.
Words1.帶 [shao1](')[dai4](1)  v.t., to bring or carry along (an article); (2)  帶著 adv., while one is on it; 這件事他帶著就辦了 he will do it while on the job (without special effort); 帶腳兒逛公園 took a stroll in the park while on the way (to an invitation). 
2.間(兒) [shao1jian1]([shao1jia1er0]), n., a backroom, usu. connected with parlor and smaller. 
3.馬子 [shao1ma3zi0], n., a saddlebag. 
4.色 [shao1shai3], v.i., to fade in color.