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ㄓㄣˋ [zhen4 (*ㄓㄣ [zhen1).Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
V(1)  To rise, move up, move to action: 作,[zhen4zuo4], [zhen4xing1]↓;
一蹶不 fall, never to rise again.
(2)  To relieve (famine, etc.): 濟,[zhen4ji4], [zhen4jiu4]↓.
(3)  To raise, to take up: 翎,翅 flap (bird's) wings to rise;
衣 to lift up and put on garment, 臂,[zhen4bei4], [zhen4bi3]↓;
兵 to strengthen army for action;
旅 to call army to order after battle, esp. after victory to return.
(4)  To shake: 威天下 s.o's power shakes the world.
PrepFrom: 古以來 since the ancient times.
Words1.臂 [zhen4bei4], v.i., raise arm in call for action: 臂一呼. 
2.筆 [zhen4bi3], v.i., take up pen: 筆直書 take up pen and write rapidly. 
3.起 [zhen4qi3], v.t., to restore spirit: 起精神 put forth fresh energy. 
4.動 [zhen4dong4], v.i. & n., (1)  vibrate, -tion; (2)  to cause to shake. 
5.奮 [zhen4fen4], v.i., to bestir oneself: 奮精神 put forth new energy. 
6.幅 [zhen4fu2], n., (phys.) amplitude of vibration. 
7. *[zhen1zhen1], adj., (AC) kind, generous; impressive-looking; 有詞 with eloquence (argumentatively). 
8.濟 [zhen4ji4], v.t., to relieve (famine, flood victims; also wr. 賑). 
9.救 [zhen4jiu4], v.t., to relieve, help (those in distress); to rescue from predicament. 
10.興 [zhen4xing1], v.t., to develop (industries, etc.). 
11.作 [zhen4zuo4], v.i., to determine to make good, feel heartened.