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ㄐㄩㄢ [jUan1.Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
NA temporary or special tax: 稅 taxes, duties;
a special tax on houses.
V(1)  Donate, contribute: [jUan1zhu4], [jUan1shu1], [jUan1kuan3]↓;
voluntary contribution;
錢 donate money;
launch a financial drive, solicit funds;
血 to donate blood.
(2)  Purchase an official appointment: [jUan1ban1], [jUan1na4]↓.
(3)  Cast away: [jUan1qi4]↓.
Words1.班(兒) [jUan1ban1](jUan1ba er0), n., formerly, a title or post purchased with money. 
2.棄 [jUan1qi4], v.t., throw away, get rid of. 
3.軀 [jUan1qU1], v.i., die for a worthy cause or one's country. 
4.館 [jUan1guan3], v.i., (litr.euphem.) die (“leave one's abode for good”). 
5.助 [jUan1zhu4], v.t., make financial contributions to. 
6.款 [jUan1kuan3], v.i. & n., contribute money, money contributed. 
7.納 [jUan1na4], v.i., purchase an office or title. 
8.生 [jUan1sheng1], v.i., to sacrifice one's life. 
9.輸 [jUan1shu1], v.i., make financial contributions to the government. 
10.稅 [jUan1sui4], n., duties and taxes. 
11.冊 [jUan1ce4], n., a book listing contributors and their contributions. 
12.貲 [jUan1zi1], n., donate funds (also wr. 資).