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ㄋㄨㄛˊ [nuo2.Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
VTo move, transfer:動,借,[nuo2dong4], [nuo2jie4], [nuo2yong4]↓;
騷窩兒 an infant baby's first visit after birth to the outside world, which must be the home of its maternal grandmother;
開 draw apart, move away.
Words1.動 [nuo2dong4], v.t., move (furniture, etc.) to another place; touch, dislocate. 
2.借 [nuo2jie4], v.t., apply funds temporarily for some other use. 
3.威 [nuo2wei1], n., Norway. 
4.用 [nuo2yong4], v.t., see [nuo2jie4]↑; 用公款 appropriate public funds for personal use.