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[ai1] (*ㄞˊ [ai2]). [Interch. when pr. *ㄞˊ [ai2Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
V(1)  (*[ai2]) To stand or go close by: 著牆走 walk along the wall;
牆靠壁 hug close to the wall;
肩,[ai1jian1], [ai1jin4]↓.
(2)  To push, rub, jostle (in, out): 過去 jostle into a room;
擠,揍,[ai1ji3], [ai1zou4], [ai1za2]↓;
[ai1ai1], 親兒 [ai1qie1er0]↓.
(3)  (*[ai2]) To suffer (beating, scolding): 打,[ai1da3], [ai1ma4]↓;
endure silently (hunger, etc.): 冷受凍 endure the cold;
(4)  To go one by one or in order: 次,[ai1ci4], [ai1men2]↓;
家兒打聽 go from house to house to find out news.
(5)  (*[ai2]) To wait, bide one’s time, delay: 再兩天 let's wait another two days;
過月底好了 wait till the end of the month, then it will be all right.
Words1.兒 [ai1a0er0], v.i., to delay: 這筆賬再往後兒 delay this payment till later. 
2. [ai1ai1], v.i., to jostle together: 搶搶 [ai1ai1qiang2qiang2], 拶拶 [ai1ai1za2za2], 蹭蹭 [ai1ai1ceng4ceng4], to crowd together. 
3.親兒 [ai1qie1er0], v.i., (a form of showing affection, said of a child) rub its face against mother's body or one whom he loves. 
4.打 [ai1da3] (*[ai2da3]), v.i., to suffer beating. 
5.餓 [ai1e4] (*[ai2e4]), v.i., to endure hunger. 
6.光 [ai1guang1], v.i., (MC, sl.) to have illicit relations with opposite sex. 
7.著 [ai1zhe0] (*[ai2zhe1]), (1)  part., hugging close to: 著路邊 hugging to the roadside; (2)  adv., one by one: 一個著一個過過去 pass by one by one. 
8.肩 [ai1jian1] (*[ai2jian1]), adv., rubbing shoulders with: 肩擦膀 go in a jostling crowd , also 肩兒 ([ai1jia1er0]). 
9.近 [ai1jin4] (*[ai2jin4]), (1)  adj., close by; (2)  to come close to (person). 
10.擠 [ai1ji3], v.i., to jostle together. 
11.靠(兒) [ai1kao4]([er0]), v.t., to depend on (person) for support. 
12.罵 [ai1ma4] (*[ai2ma4]), v.i., receive scolding. 
13.門(兒) [ai1men2] ([ai1merer0]), adv., door-to -door (canvass, deliver, etc.). 
14.磨 [ai1mo2], v.i., to wait patiently for s.t. to happen, to linger around; v.t., to grind s.t. 
15.鬧 [ai1nao4], adj., (of crowed) jostling and noisy. 
16.排 [ai1pai2], v.i., (MC) arrange. 
17.人兒 [ai1re2er0], v.i., to cohabit (also 親家兒), see [ai1guang1]↑. 
18.噌 [ai1ceng1], v.i., receive scolding. 
19.次 [ai1ci4], adv., in good order, one by one. 
20.推 [ai1tui3], v.i. & t., to delay (matter). 
21.拶 [ai1za2], v.i., to jostle together. 
22.揍 [ai1zou4] (*[ai2zou4]), v.i., see [ai1da3]↑. 
23.晚兒 [ai1wa3er0], adv., toward dusk.