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ㄒㄧㄚˋ [xia4 (*ㄐㄧㄚˋ [jia4).Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
N(1)  Summer: 季,天,[xia4ji4], [xia4tian1], [xia4ri4]↓;
early summer;
收 summer harvest;
hot summer;
日可畏 of official superior who is a severe disciplinarian, compared to the summer sun, contrasted with 冬日可愛 the gentle superior like the pleasant sun of winter;
五,” “郭公” (LL) missing passages, from those in 左傳;
蟲語冰 as a summer insect discusses ice--of one who talks what he knows nothing about.
(2)  The Shiah Dyn. (usu. wr. Hsia, 2205-1766 B.C.): [xia4hou4]↓;
朝,代,室 the Shiah Dyn.;
禮 the rituals and institutions of Shiah Dyn.
(3)  China;
(4)  國 anc. name of Bactria (also 大).
(5)  A surname.
Words1.布 [xia4bu4], n., fine linen. 
2.楚 *[jia2chu3], n., a rod, a ferule for punishing pupils. 
3.后 [xia4hou4], n., usu. 后氏 name of royal house of Emperor Yuu (禹), founder of Shiah Dyn. 
4.正 [xia4zheng4], n., the first month of the lunar year. 
5.節 [xia4jie2], n., (1)  the fifth day of fifth lunar month--the Dragon Boat Festival; (2)  summer solstice. 
6.季 [xia4ji4], n., the summer season; see [xia4ling4]↓. 
7.至 [xia4zhi4], n., summer solstice. 
8.曆 [xia4li4], n., the lunar calendar. 
9.令 [xia4ling4], n., summer season; 令會 summer conference; 令營 summer camp. 
10.眠 [xia4mian2], n., (of certain tropical insects) summer hibernation. 
11.日 [xia4ri4], n., summer day; summer sun. 
12.天 [xia4tian1], n., summer, summer days.