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ㄗㄚˊ [za2.Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
V(1)  To smash, break, crush: 開 to force open;
開門 to burst open the door;
破 smash to pieces;
碎 pulverize, decimates;
壞 break and make unusable;
扁 crush flat;
爛 wreck, demolish;
死 batter to death.
(2)  To pound: 蒜 (薑) to crush garlic (ginger).
(3)  Cause to accumulate: 錯過時機,貨就到手裡了 if we miss the opportunity, the goods would become a part of the dead stock.
(4)  V.i., to foul up, usu. as vb. complement, meaning “fouled up”: 說了 say s.t. wrong;
了 have fouled up s.t.;
了 sing badly;
Words1.兌 [za2dui0], v.i., make sure: 你到底來不來,要兌準了 please be sure whether you will be coming or not. 
2.鍋 [za2guo1], v.i., fail in a task (work, assignment); 鍋槌兒 one who makes a mess of things. 
3.了 [za2le0], v.t., (p.p.) broken up: 這件事了 this matter has been broken up; 把碟子了 have dropped the plate and broken it. 
4.字兒 [za2ze4er0], n., a defaced coin.