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ㄗㄨ [zu1.Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
N(1)  The land tax.
(2)  Taxes in gen.: [zu1shui4]↓.
(3)  Payment for the use of land or other things: 房 house rent;
farm rent;
錢 rent paid in cash.
VTo lease, rent (house, land, etc.): [zu1lin4], [zu1jie4]2↓;
用 to rent (car, office space) for use;
to let, offer for rent;
出去了 (house, room) leased out;
來的 (of things) rented from another person;
給,與 rent to;
房子 rent a house (room);
田 to lease farm land;
(room) to let;
to pay rent;
to press for payment of rent due;
raise the rent;
to collect rent.
Words1.契 [zu1qi4], n., a lease contract. 
2.戶 [zu1hu4], n., the lessee. 
3.價 [zu1jia4], n., rent (in dollars and cents). 
4.界 [zu1jie4]1, n., formerly, a foreign concession in China, an international settlement in China's treaty ports. 
5.借 [zu1jie4]2, v.t., to lease, rent; 借地 territory leased to another country; 借法案 the Lend-Lease Act. 
6.金 [zu1jin1], n., rent payable by lessee to lessor, usu. of land or building. 
7.賃 [zu1lin4], v.t., rent, lease (land, building, room). 
8.售 [zu1shou4], n., for rent or sale. 
9.稅 [zu1shui4], n., taxes and levies, taxation. 
10.子 [zu1zi0], n., farm rent, usu. payable in kind.