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ㄑㄧㄣˊ [qin2.Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
NName of state (897-221 B.C.), before it became name of Dynasty (221-207 B.C.): 楚 (LL) great distance as between and 楚;
晉 two neighboring states (in Shensi, Shansi);
晉之好 marriage between two families (royalty of two states traditionally intermarried);
贅 (LL) husband marries into wife's family, supposed to originate in ;
庭 (allu.) cry at the court of Chirn begging for troops to fight invading enemy.
Words1.腔 [qin2qiang1], n., Shensi songs. 
2.箏 [qin2zheng1], n., an ancient musical instrument with 12 or 13 strings, of origin. 
3.椒 [qin2jiao1], n., red pepper or capsicum. 
4.鏡 [qin2jing4], n., mirror supposed to look into a man's heart--penetrating insight. 
5.篆 [qin2zhuan4], n., a form of script of Dyn. (=小篆); simplified from 大篆. 
6.樓 [qin2lou2], n., as in 樓楚館 house of courtesans with wining and dining.