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ㄈㄣˇ [fen3.Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
N(1)  Power: 牛奶 powdered milk;
rice vermicelli;
(wheat) flour;
pearl powder (used as medicine);
jelly made from agaragar;
dental powder;
肥皂 soap powder;
white powder, chalk.
(2)  Ladies'face powder: 脂 cosmetics;
盒 compact;
刷 powder brush;
撲兒 powder puff;
裝兒 formerly, powder box;
紙 (a) fine white writing paper;
(b) ladies'face powder paper;
底 powder foundation;
底霜 foundation cream.
V(1)  To crush to powder: 身碎骨在所不辭 would do anything to pay in gratitude.
(2)  Cover up, whitewash: [fen3shi4]↓.
Adj(1)  Powdered, plastered: 牆 whitewashed wall;
白 whitewashed or plastered (wall);
白黛綠 stage make-up;
油頭面 painted and powdered.
(2)  Soft as powder: 嫩 soft and smooth (skin);
Words1.本 [fen2ben3], n., chalk sketch for Chin. painting. 
2.筆 [fen2bi3], n., chalk (for blackboard). 
3.黛 [fen3dai4], n., cosmetics, esp. stage make-up (white powder and black for eyebrows); ladies in palace or rich homes. 
4.碟 [fen3die2], n., kind of butterfly, with white wings. 
5.房 [fen3fang2], n., mill for making flour from bean starch. 
6.紅 [fen3hong2], adj., rosy, pale pink. 
7.箋 [fen3jian1], n., pink letter paper, also used for copying poems. 
8.金 [fen3jin1], n., powdered gold, mixed with oil, used in painting. 
9.末 [fen3mo4]1, powder, powdery substance. 
10.墨 [fen3mo4]2, n., cosmetics: 墨登場 go on stage, also (contempt.) political stage. 
11.皮 [fen3pi2], n., vermicelli made from bean starch; lambskin without the fur. 
12.刷 [fen3shua1], v.t., to whitewash and cover up (facts, situation); n., blackboard eraser. 
13.飾 [fen3shi4], v.t., to present pleasant appearance, cover up, hide faults: 飾太平 present false appearance of peace and prosperity. 
14.碎 [fen3sui4], v.t., crush to pieces. 
15.絲 [fen3si1], n., vermicelli made from beans. 
16.條 [fen3tiao2], n., ditto. 
17.頭 [fen3tou2], n., (MC) prostitutes; clowns and villains on stage with daubs of white powder in make-up. 
18.刺 [fen3ci4], n., pimples. 
19.團 [fen3tuan2], n., flour dumplings; 團花 (bot.) a flower, Hydrangea gortensia