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ㄍㄠ [gao1. [Pop.]Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
NA surname.
Adj(1)  High, tall: [gao1di1]↓;
矮(兒) [gao1ai3] ([gao1a3er0])↓;
箇子,箇兒 a tall fellow;
敞 big and spacious (building);
去 ability to scale walls and other heights, extraordinary physical ability;
貴手,手兒 formula for asking for forgiveness, or higher pay for goods or services rendered;
架鐵路 elevated railway;
揚臉兒 arrogant, turn away without heeding anyone;
舉雙手 with both hands raised;
吉星照 to experience a spell of good luck;
山 high mountain;
山流水 (allu.) understanding and appreciative friends;
山仰止 to behold a high mountain (great man) with awe;
屋建瓴 be strategically situated;
一呼 make a clarion call, make a public appeal;
樓大廈 tall and big buildings;
山景行 (LL) showing great admiration or respect for s. o.;
不成,低不就 (of people looking for life partners or jobs) too choosy to succeed;
手低 one's ability does not match his wishes or high goal;
枕無憂 retire or rest without worries;
視闊步 strut about;
瞻遠矚 transcendent views (complim.).
(2)  Respectable, noble: [gao1gui4]↓;
(3)  Expensive, dear, high-priced: 價錢太 it's too costly;
價收購 to buy up at high prices;
物價漲 an inflation of prices.
(4)  Old, advanced in age: 年德劭 (of elder people) venerables;
see 年,壽,[gao1nian2], [gao1shou4], [gao1ling2]↓.
(5)  Supreme, sublime, exemplary: 風亮節 exemplary conduct and nobility of character;
[gao1yi4], [gao1ming2]↓.
(6)  Higher, superior, better: [gao1ji2], [gao1deng3], [gao1shen1]↓;
一等 more skillful than others;
八斗 endowed with extraordinary talents.
(7)  High-pitched, high-keyed: 歌一曲 raise one's voice to sing a song;
唱入雲 sing with a resounding voice;
聲朗誦 read aloud;
大聲呼 shout from the housetops.
Words1.矮 (兒) [gao1ai3]([gao1a3er0]), n., height, tallness: 比一比矮 let's see who is taller; 不不矮 of medium height; 這般矮 of this height, this high. 
2.昂 [gao1ang2], adj., rising, becoming higher: 物價昂 rising commodity prices; 士氣昂 the morale of troops is higher than ever. 
3.傲 [gao1ao4], adj., arrogant, haughty. 
4.把兒 [gao1ba4er0], n., anything with a long handle: 把兒苕帚 a long broomstick; 把兒碟子 a long-handled cup. 
5.超 [gao1chao1], adj., superb: 技藝超,手法超,文筆超 superb skills, tricks writing. 
6.潮 [gao1chao2], n., (1)  a high tidal wave, a bore; (2)  a climax: 劇情進入潮 (of movies or stage play) the story is reaching its climax; 事態嚴重,達於潮 the situation has become serious and reached a critical point; 製造潮 create mounting tension; (3)  climax in sexual intercourse. 
7.強 [gao1qiang2], adj., of superior quality. 
8.蹺 [gao1qiao0], n., stilts (also 橇,蹻): 踩蹺 walk on stilts. 
9.峭 [gao1qiao4], adj., (of cliffs) steep and precipitous. 
10.情 [gao1qing2], n., great kindness: 情隆誼 (court.) your highly esteemed kindness and invaluable friendship. 
11.大 [gao1da4], adj., big and strong. 
12.蹈 [gao1dao4], v. i., (1)  (AC) go on a long journey; (2)  live a retired life. 
13.等 [gao1deng3], adj., (1)  of a higher class: 等中學 senior middle school; 等動物 the more highly developed animals; (2)  of a higher grade: 等法院 high court (of justice); 等考試 higher government examination (opp. 普通考試 general government examination). 
14.低 [gao1di1], adj., (1)  high and low, better or worse: 不分低be equally matched; (2)  high- or low-pitched; (3)  adv., anyway, at any rate: 低他也得來見我 he must come to see me anyway: 低他打敗了 at any rate he has been beaten. 
15.第 [gao1di4], adj., (1)  of a higher grade or class; (2)  ranking high in government examinations. 
16.調(兒) [gao1diao4]([er0])1, n. & adj., high-sounding (phrases): 唱調 make high-flown but impractical utterances. 
17.掉兒 [gao1diao4er0]2, n., a heavy fall from on high. 
18.度 [gao1du4](1)  n., height; (2)  n. & adj. & adv., (to or of) a high degree: 度警惕 a high degree of alertness; n. & adj., 度戒備 fully prepared for any eventualities: 速度 high speed. 
19.爾夫 (球) [gao1er3fu1]([qiu2]), n., (translit.) golf; 爾夫球場 golf course. 
20.發 [gao1fa1], v.i., formerly, pass a government examination. 
21.峰 [gao1feng1], n., (1)  a mountain peak; (2)  the apogee, the highest point (of fame, etc.); 峰會議 summit conference, talk. 
22.跟 (兒) 鞋 [gao1gen1]([gao1ge1er0]) [xie2], n., high-healed shoes. 
23.貴 [gao1gui4], adj., noble, refined, of superior quality, elegant. 
24.著兒 [gao1zhao1er0], n., an ingenious plan, a clever swordplay (also 招兒). 
25.技兒 [gao1zhe1er0], n., anyone in a higher position: 扒技兒 to curry favor with social superiors, to marry into higher family. 
26.價 [gao1jia4], n., a high price: 價收購 offer to buy at a handsome price. 
27.見 [gao1jian4], n., (court. & lit.) farsighted or profound views: 有何見 what are your views? 願聞見 I'd like to hear your views. 
28.階層 [gao1jie1ceng2], n., high-rank, top rank: 階層會議 a summit conference; 階層人物 top personalities. 
29.就 [gao1jiu4], n., a better job: 另有就 have landed a better job. 
30.級 [gao1ji2], adj., (1)  high-grade: 級品,級貨 high-quality articles, goods; (2)  belonging to a higher class: 級生 higher-class students; (3)  of a higher grade: 級中學 senior high school; 級顧問 senior adviser; (4)  superior, superb, excellent: 這辦法真級 the method is most ingenious; 級手法 superior maneuver. 
31.樁兒 [gao1zhuang1er0], n., (coll.) anything of more than normal height: 樁兒饅頭 a steamed bread of unusual thickness; 樁兒柿子 such a persimmon. 
32.中 [gao1zhong1](1)  n., senior high school; (2)  (pr. [gao1zhong4]) v.i., pass an examination. 
33.峻 [gao1jUn4], adj., (of mountain) high and steep. 
34.亢 [gao1kang4], adj., resounding, reverberating, ringing. 
35.空 [gao1kong1], n., the upper space. 
36.麗 [gao1li0], n., anc. name for Korea. 
37.粱 [gao1liang2]([gao1liang0]), n., (bot.) the sorghum, [gao1liang0]: 粱酒 liquor made from sorghum. 
38.良薑 [gao1liang2jiang1], n., (bot.) the lesser galangal, a ginger, Alpinia chinensis
39.利貸(款) [gao1li4dai4] ([kuan3]), n., high-interest loans, usury. 
40.齡 [gao1ling2], n., (court.) advanced age. 
41.論 [gao1lun4], n., (court.) highly esteemed views. 
42.買 [gao1mai3], v.i., to shoplift while pretending to buy. 
43.帽(兒)(子) [gao1mao4]([er0])([zi0]), n., flattery: 戴帽子 make flattering remarks. 
44.門 [gao1men2], n., a politically or socially influential family. 
45.棉 [gao1mian2], n., Cambodia, also called 柬埔寨. 
46.妙 [gao1miao4] , adj., ingenious, clever. 
47.明 [gao1ming2], adj., brilliant, discerning (views, etc.). 
48.末兒 [gao1mo4er0], n., better quality tea from sprouts. 
49.年 [gao1nian2], n. & adj., (persons of) advanced age. 
50.攀 [gao1pan2], v. t., befriend or marry (s. o.) of higher social position: 攀不上 cannot be friends or marry (s. o.) of a richer or more influential family. 
51.人 [gao1ren2], n., (1)  (also士) a scholar who spurns official preferment: (2)  a lofty character. 
52.僧 [gao1seng1], n., a Buddhist monk of great repute. 
53.尚 [gao1shang4], adj., respectable, refined, of good taste (reading, amusement, etc.). 
54.射炮 [gao1she4pao4], n., an antiaircraft gun, an ack-ack. 
55.深 [gao1shen1], adj., profound, advanced. 
56.升 [gao1sheng1], v. i., to advance in grade. 
57.小 [gao1xiao3], n., senior primary school. 
58.下 [gao1xia4], adj., (1)  high and low; (2)  good and bad. 
59.行 [gao1xing4]1, n., upright conduct. 
60.興 [gao1xing4]2, v. i. & t. & adj., (be) interested, pleased, glad, happy: 他不興別人打擾他 he doesn't like to be disturbed; 我興打網球 I am interested in playing tennis; 他今天有點不興 he seems to be unhappy today; 他們倆很興 they two are in high spirits. 
61.手 (兒) [gao1shou3]([er0]), n., an expert. 
62.壽 [gao1shou4], n. & adj., (1)  a long life, longevity, long-lived; (2)  (court.) age of the person spoken to: 先生壽幾何 how old are you, sir? 
63.軒 [gao1xUan1], n., (1)  (LL) a big and spacious porch or pavilion; (2)  (LL) (court.) your carriage or car. 
64.血壓 [gao1xUe4ya1], n., hypertension; high blood pressure. 
65.聳 [gao1song3], adj., lofty, high. 
66.堂 [gao1tang2], n., (1)  a hall with high ceiling; (2)  (court.) one's parents. 
67.才生 [gao1cai2sheng1], n., a gifted student (also wr. 材生). 
68.徒 [gao1tu2], n., a favorite student. 
69.足 [gao1zu2], n., (court.) your student, see [gao1tu2]↑. 
70.祖 [gao1zu3], n., (1)  great-great-grandfather; (2)  a remote ancestor; (3)  founder of an imperial or royal dynasty. 
71.位 [gao1wei4], n., a high-ranking position. 
72.臥 [gao1wo4], v.i., live a quiet and leisurely life. 
73.壓 [gao1ya1], adj., high-pressured (method): 壓線 high-tension wire. 
74.眼 [gao1yan3], adj., farsighted, keen-sighted. 
75.誼 [gao1yi4], n., esteemed friendship. 
76.音 [gao1yin1], n., (mus.) a high pitch or voice; 男音 a tenor; 女音 a soprano; 音部記號 (mus.) G clef. 
77.原 [gao1yUan2], n., a plateau, highland.