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ㄨˋ [wu4.Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
N(1)  Affairs, business: 事 affairs in gen.;
office business, opp. 私 private business;
school affairs;
political business, administrative duties;
n. & v.i., service;
business affairs, professional business;
business (department);
gen. management.
(2)  (Suhng Dyn.) tax bureau: 市易.
VbMust, should: 必,[wu4bi4], [wu4xU1]↓;
得 so that (+vb. or adj.): 得妥當 so that it will be in order;
使 so as to make it (attractive, neat), or so that.
V(1)  To lay emphasis on, to be concerned with, to concentrate on: 正,[wu4zheng4], [wu4ben3]↓;
正業 does not attend to own main profession.
(2)  To take as profession: 農 be a farmer;
醫 be a doctor.
(3)  To try to be (+adj.): 新奇 strive for novelty;
實 try to be practical;
全 to seek after perfection, completeness.
Words1.本 [wu4ben3], v.i., concentrate on the essentials, on the foundation. 
2.必 [wu4bi4], v.b. aux., must, should (return on time, etc.). 
3.求 [wu4qiu2], v.i., strive to or for. 
4.正 [wu4zheng4], v.i., attend to proper business; attend to moral conduct. 
5.須 [wu4xU1], vb. aux., must, should, see [wu4bi4]↑.