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ㄑㄩ [qU1 (* [ou1).Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
N(1)  Region, area: 分 subdistrict, subdivision of an area;
住宅 residential area;
風景 park area, one noted for scenic beauty;
商業 downtown district of city.
(2)  Precinct, a subdivision of district.
(3)  (*[ou1]) A surname.
VTo classify, subdivide: 分,[qU1fen1], [qU1bie2]↓.
Words1.別 [qU1bie2], v.t., to distinguish between (sexes, classes, sizes); 別詞 (gram.) modifier. 
2.處 [qU1chu3], v.t., to handle or dispose of. 
3. [qU1qU1](1)  adj., tiny, very small (used also of one's own contributions, etc.); (2)  pron., my humble self. 
4.分 [qU1fen1], v.t., to separate into classes or categories. 
5.理 [qU1li3], v.t., to deal with separately. 
6.域 [qU1yU4], n., area, region in gen.; 域安全 regional security. 
7.宇 [qU1yU3], n., (AC) territory.