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ㄒㄩㄢ [xUan1.Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
N(1)  (AC) a chariot, a cart higher in front than back.
(2)  An open hall, corridor or pavilion: 輸檻 railing on balcony.
(3)  A studio, a scholar's den, small room: 茶 a tea room;
a study, studio.
Adj(1)  High, lofty, airy: 朗,豁,[xUan1lan3], [xUan1huo4], [xUan1ang2]↓;
舉,翥 fly aloft.
(2)  Self-pleased, merry: 然自得,然 self-pleased, holding head high;
眉吐氣 an air of pride and satisfaction (eyebrows high and sniffing pleasantly”);
Words1.昂 [xUan1ang2], adj., proud, aspiring, tall: 志氣昂 aiming high in life. 
2.敞 [xUan1chang3], adj., open and airy (room). 
3.騫 [xUan1qian1], adj., soaring aloft. 
4.渠 [xUan1qU2], v.i. & adj., to laugh; laughing, merry. 
5.豁 [xUan1huo4], adj., see [xUan1lang3]↓. 
6.駕 [xUan1jia4], phr., imperial carriage, imperial going about. 
7.輊 [xUan1zhi4], adj. & n., different, difference: 未嘗輊於其間 no difference between them (from the front high part of cart and 輊 the low back part). 
8.舉 [xUan1jU3], adj., as in 風神舉 (LL) a distinguished air (of person). 
9.朗 [xUan1lang3], adj., (room) bright and airy, sunny. 
10.冕 [xUan1mian3], n., gen. nobility (from their caps and carriages), including the emperor. 
11.闢 [xUan1pi4], adj., see [xUan1lang3]↑. 
12.然 [xUan1ran2], adj., (1)  laughing (manner): 然大笑; (2)  然大波 a big, crushing wave; (fig.) a crisis. 
13.秀 [xUan1xiu4], adj., eminent, distinguished, superior. 
14.爽 [xUan1shuang3], adj., bright and airy (room). 
15. [xUan1xUan1], adj., & adv., proud, self-pleased: 自得. 
16.轅 [xUan1yUan2], n., the Yellow Emperor; hence 岐 (combination of 轅 and 岐伯) the fathers of medicine.