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ㄐㄩㄢˇ [jUan3.Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
NA roll, a reel: 煙 cigarets;
a roll of photographic film;
電影片 several reels of cinema film;
鈔票 a wad of bank notes;
行李 a travelling bag;
a steamed roll.
V(1)  Roll up, gather, snatch: 地皮 [jUan3di4pi2]↓;
土重來 (usu. of politicians) to stage a comeback;
入漩渦 be embroiled (in a dispute, quarrel, fight),be implicated (in an affair);
起來 roll up (sleeves, a blind, a painting);
上 ditto;
gobble up (all enemy territory) in war, win (all the money) in gambling, carry off (all the top prizes) in a contest;
殘雲 (of gourmand) eat up all the dishes at one sitting, make a clean sweep of all opposition, meet with no resistance.
(2)  Scold, rebuke: [jUan3ma4]↓.
Words1.包(兒) [jUan3bao1]([er0]), v.i., abscond with everything. 
2.尺 [jUan3chi3], n., a tape (line). 
3.單 [jUan3dan1], v.i., (of monks) leave monastery en masse
4.地皮 [jUan3di4pi2], v.i., (of official) enrich oneself by corrupt means, (lit., “roll up the land”and carry it home). 
5.髮 [jUan3fa3], v.i., to curl one's hair. 
6.簾格 [jUan3lian2ge2], n., one form of riddle standing for a phrase to be read backwards, (as a screen is rolled upwards). 
7.罵 [jUan3ma4], v.t., (MC) rebuke, scold, abuse (also used alone). 
8.棚 [jUan3peng2], n., an awning that can be rolled up. 
9.鋪蓋 [jUan3pu1gai0], v.i., resign from office; get fired (“pack up”). 
10.心菜 [jUan3xin1cai4], n., the cabbage. 
11.堂 [jUan3tang2], v.i., (1)  (MC) (of students) go on strike; (2)  (of monks) leave monastery en masse
12.逃 [jUan3tao2], v.i., abscond with valuables. 
13.子 [jUan3zi0], n., a roll (of bedding, articles). 
14.煙 [jUan3yan1], n., cigarets, esp. cigaret rolled by hand. 
15.葉蛾 [jUan3ye4e2], n., (zoo.) Cacaecia crataegan