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ㄊㄢˋ [tan4.Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
N([tan4zi0]) Detective, esp. private agent: 偵,密 detective, spy.
V(1)  look for, investigate (bottom, origins): 深淺 take soundings;
本,原 trace to origins, make a fundamental study;
湯 thrust hand to feel boiling water--dangerous thing to do;
隱,頤索隱 delve into secret facts or principles;
驪得珠 writing which brings out important points from a mass of facts.
(2)  Spy on, look in: go and take a look;
虛實 try to find out the true situation;
穴 explore cave;
腦 pop in to look without being seen;
知,悉 ascertain, find out that;
身子 bend over to look below (e.g., at a well);
囊取物 delve into pocket to fish out s.t.--easy thing to do;
求,究,[tan4qiu2] [tan4jiu4] [tan4tao3]↓.
(3)  To visit, pay a call: 親,友 visit relatives, friends;
喪 visit family of bereaved;
病 visit the sick;
Words1.求 [tan4qiu2], v.t., investigate, find out. 
2.春 [tan4chun1], v.i., make a spring outing. 
3.訪 [tan4fang3], v.t., find out (news, situation); 訪員 reporter. 
4.戈 [tan4ge0], n., & v.i., (translit). tango. 
5.海燈 [tan4hai3deng1], n., searchlight, see [tan4zhao4deng1]↓. 
6.花 [tan4hua0], n., number three in former national civil examinations. 
7.照燈 [tan4zhao4deng1], n., searchlight. 
8.究 [tan4jiu4], v.t. & n., investigate, -tion. 
9.險 [tan4xian3], n. & v.i., adventure, explore, -ation (e.g., Arctic regions). 
10.悉 [tan4xi2], v.i. & t., ascertain, find out that. 
11.試 [tan4shi4], v.t., try to find out (person's opinions, etc.). 
12.詢 [tan4xUn2] v.i., see [tan4wen4]↓. 
13.討 [tan4tao3], v.i. & n., study, investigate, -tion. 
14.聽 [tan4ting1], v.i. & t., find out (news, situation): 聽情形,消息 . 
15.測 [tan4ce4], v.t. & n., probe into, probings; conjecture. 
16.子 [tan4zi0], n private spy. 
17.望 [tan4wang4], v.t., visit (old friends, relatives). 
18.問 [tan4wen4], v.t., find out (news, facts).