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ㄆㄥˇ [peng3. [Cogn. of ]Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
V(1)  Hold up with both hands:水飲 drink from cupped hands;
把東西住 hold up article to prevent toppling;
心 (AC) allu. to famous beauty 西施 suffering from Angina pectoris, covering chest with hands, imitated by ugly women;
日 (LL) show loyalty to emperor.
(2)  Serve with both hands:茶,藥 serve tea, medicine;
(3)  To pay public tribute to actor, applaud in public:把他到天上 applaud person to the skies;
得太高 praise person too highly;
臭腳 lick one's boots, see [peng3chang2]↓.
(4)  Holding with two hands as gesture of respect: 讀,誦 read your letter held in two hands.
Words1.場 [peng3chang2], v.t., to pay tribute to actor or public person, usu. with idea of building up popularity: 請場 please give me support or patronage. 
2.腹 [peng3fu4], v.i., have a belly laugh (with hands holding the sides).