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ㄙㄠˇ [sao3 (*ㄙㄠˋ [sao4). [Usu. wr. ]Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
N(*[sao4]) (1)  ([shao1zi0]) A broom.
(2)  Special bags of willow branches, framed by bamboo, for building dykes;
mattress used in dyke construction.
V(1)  To sweep (floor): 打,清 ditto;
spray and sweep;
gen. clean up room;
應對 cleaning up room and good manners in replying to questions as part of child's education.
(2)  To sweep clean, or sweep off: [sao3chu2]↓;
射 to strafe;
田刮地 do menial work;
(3)  To paint the eyebrow: 淡蛾眉朝至尊 went to see the emperor with touched-up eyebrow--without heavy rouge;
see [sao3mei2]↓.
(4)  To take in a sweeping glance: 眉目裡人 saw at glance.
Words1.把 *[sao4ba3], n., a broomstick. 
2.邊 [sao3bian1], n., minor role in Chin. opera. 
3.晴娘 (兒) [sao3qing2niang2]([er0]), n., a cut-paper figure of woman with a broom, put under eaves to pray for clearing up of skies. 
4.除 [sao3chu2], v.t., to sweep away (obstacles). 
5.蕩 [sao3dang4], v.t., to clean up, to wipe out, to map up [WEdit: 'map up' should read 'mop up'] (all enemy). 
6.地 [sao3di4], v.i., to sweep the floor; 斯文地 the cultural tradition topples over. 
7.房 [sao3fang2], v.i., make gen. house-cleaning. 
8.軌 [sao2gui3], phr., (AC) sweep off, i.e., obliterate the tracks, to show there have been no (political) visitors. 
9.海 [sao2hai3], v.i., sweep off mines in sea. 
10.帚 [sao4zhou0], n., a broomstick. 帚星 [sao4zhou0xing1], n., a comet. 
11.雷艇 [sao3lei2ting3], n., mine sweeper. 
12.臉 [sao2lian3], v.i., to “lose face”: 臉的事 a disgraceful affair. 
13.眉 [sao3mei2], phr., 眉才子 a girl poet or author (“scholar with picked eyebrows”). 
14.墓 [sao3mu4], v.i., visit grave on 清明 [qing1ming2] day. 
15.平 [sao3ping2], v.t., to squelch, quash (rebellion). 
16.興 [sao3xing4] ([sao4xing4]), v.i., feel disappointed; v.i., adj., disappointing. 
17.數 [sao3shu4], adv., the whole amount (repaid, etc.). 
18.榻 [sao3ta4], v.i., (LL) to welcome visitor (“sweep the mat”). 
19.堂腿 [sao3tang2tui3], n., a move in boxing, stretch leg on floor to topple opponent. 
20.聽 [sao3ting0], v.i., to pick up, fish for, news (=打聽). 
21.營兒 [sao3ying2er0], adv., (coll.) see [sao3shu4]↑.