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ㄍㄨㄚˋ [gua4 [Interch. ]Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
V(1)  Hang up, suspend: 懸 hang (pictures, scrolls, etc.) on the wall;
hang high up;
起來 have (s.t.) hung up;
上 ditto, pin up;
羊頭,賣狗肉 carry high-sounding but misleading names (lit., “hang a sheep's head as shop sign and sell dog meat”);
幌子 (of shops) put up a signboard to advertise goods, give oneself away: 他剛才準是喝了酒,臉上都幌子了 he must have had a drink or two a moment ago, for his face shows it.
(2)  Put on record, register: [gua4ming2], [gua4zhang4], [gua4hao4]↓;
一漏萬 (author's apologetic phrase) I may have left out many important facts, cases.
(3)  Have or keep in mind, remember: 記 think of;
在心上 keep in mind;
be concerned about;
慮 be anxious about;
Words1.礙 [gua4ai4], n., a hindrance, impediment; v.i., to be concerned. 
2.欠 [gua4qian4], v.i., charge to one's account. 
3.齒 [gua4chi3], v.t., (LL) to mention, refer to (lit., “hang on one’s teeth”): 何足齒 don't mention it. 
4.單 [gua4dan1], v.i., (of Buddhist priest) put up at a temple for a short stay. 
5. [gua4gou1], n., (of railway cars) the coupling links. 
6.冠 [gua4guan1], v.i., (of official) resign from office (lit., “hang up the official hat”): 冠而去 resign and go home. 
7.號 [gua4hao4], v.t., to register (at school, hospital, etc.); 號信 a registered letter. 
8.懷 [gua4huai2], v.t., be ever thinking of, bear in mind. 
9.火(兒) [gua4huo3]([er0]), v.i., (coll.) be furious. 
10.紅 [gua4hong2], v.i., hang up a red banner on festive occasions. 
11.賬 [gua4zhang4], v.t., charge to one's account. 
12.僵(兒)  guahjiang1('l), v.i., be humiliated and burst into a fury. 
13.勁(兒) [gua4jin4]([gua4jie4er0]), v.i., be furious, see [gua4huo3]↑. 
14.樁 [gua4zhuang1], v.t., to shadow s.o. before arresting him. 
15.鐘 [gua4zhong1], n., a wall clock. 
16.累 [gua4lei3], v.t., implicate, involve s.o. in trouble. 
17.零(兒) [gua4ling2]('l), adj., odd, with a little extra: 他已經五十零了 he is over fifty (“fifty plus”) 
18.麵 [gua4mian4], n., noodles made by hanging dough-strings to dry on a frame. 
19.名(兒) [gua4ming2]('l), v.i., hold a position in name but not in fact: 名差事 a sinecure. 
20.念 [gua4nian4], v.t., be ever thinking of, bear in mind. 
21.屏兒 [gua4ping2er0], n., a hung picture used as wall decoration. 
22.孝 [gua4xiao4], v.i., wear mourning. 
23.心 [gua4xin1], v.i., be concerned about. 
24.錫 [gua4xi2], v.i., (of Buddhist priest) putup in a temple for the night (from “hang the pewter staff”) 
25.帥 [gua4shuai4], v.t. & n., (1)  be appointed a commanding general; (2)  such appointment. 
26.失 [gua4shi1], v.t., give notice of the loss of (bank checks, important papers, etc.) 
27.彩 [gua4cai3], v.i., (1)  hang up red ribbons on festive occasions, see[gua4hong2]↑; (2)  (of soldiers) be wounded in action. 
28.圖 [gua4tu2], n., a wall map or chart. 
29.味兒 [gua4weher0], adj., (of singing or food) pleasing to the ear or palate, pleasant to listen to or to eat.