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ㄕㄡˋ [shou4. [Related 90.82]Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
V(1)  To give (to person): usu. 予,[shou4yU3]↓;
(2)  To teach, pass on to future generation: 講 teach (a subject);
82S.82, v.t., to teach;
n., a professor;
pass on oral tradition (classical interpretation, secret formula).
(3)  To invest (person) in office.
Words1.課 [shou4ke4], phr., give lessons. 
2.命 [shou4ming4], phr., 見危命 (AC) willing to sacrifice life in case of danger. 
3.首 [shou4shou3], v.i., (AC) be beheaded. 
4.受 [shou4shou4], v.i., to pass (objects) from hand to hand: 私相受 pass money between hands in bribery; 男女受不親 (AC) it is improper for man and woman to hold each other's hands, pass objects from hand to hand. 
5.室 [shou4shi4], v.t., to take in a bride; (AC) to accept daughter-in-law in formal ceremony. 
6.時 [shou4shi2], phr., (AC) to give official calendar of year's seasons. 
7.業 [shou4ye4], v.i., (LL) to teach (cf. 受業 to be pupil). 
8.意 [shou4yi4], v.i., to suggest idea behind scenes to (person) for action. 
9.與 [shou4yU3], phr., to give to: 與勳章 to award medal.