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ㄓㄥ [zheng1 (*ㄓㄥˋ [zheng4).Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
V(1)  To struggle to free oneself or s.t., to stretch, push and pull:開 free oneself or s.t. from tangle;
壞了 tear by too much pulling;
(2)  (*[zheng4]) To earn, to obtain by struggle or effort: 錢,[zheng4qian2], [zheng4ming4]↓;
來的 it is earned (not given).
Words1.錢 *[zheng4qian2], v.i., to earn money: 多少錢 how much have you earned 
2.扎 [zheng1zha2], n. & v.i., (to) struggle (for goal); to suffer privations and hardships in order to reach goal. 
3.命(兒) *[jehangming4]([er0]), v.i., make a life-and death struggle.