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ㄘㄞˇ [cai3.Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
V(1)  (Interch. 采) to pluck, gather, collect (flowers, mulberries, tea), mine for (minerals).
(2)  To select, adopt: 擇,取,[cai3ze2] [cai3qU3] [cai3yong4]↓.
Words1.辦 [cai3ban4], v.t., to purchase shop supplies, (as tea, herbs, cloth) by careful selection. 
2.補 [cai2bu3], v.t., (Taoist) short for 陰補陽 borrow feminine force to strengthen male health by sleeping with women. 
3.取 [cai2qU3], v.t., adopt (policy, system, method). 
4.訪 [cai2fang3], v.t., gather (news) as reporter. 
5.購 [cai3gou4], v.t., to procure (machinery, raw materials, office supplies). 
6.摘 [cai3zhe2], v.t., pick, select for use. 
7.擷 [cai3jie1], v.t., ditto. 
8.集 [cai3ji2], v.t., to collect (samples, specimens, material for writing, etc.). 
9.礦 [cai3kuang4], v.i., to mine for minerals. 
10.買 [cai2mai3], v.t., see [cai2ban4]↑. 
11.納 [cai3na4], v.t., to adopt, take in (advice). 
12.選 [cai2xUan3], v.t., select and purchase, see [cai2ban4]↑. 
13.擇 [cai3ze2], v.t., to select for use, to adopt (method, name, etc.). 
14.用 [cai3yong4], v.t., to adopt (method, system, etc.) for use.