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ㄌㄧㄡˊ [liu2.Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
NShort for 磺 sulphur, [liu2huang2]↓.
Words1.化 [liu2hua4], n., (chem.) sulphide: 化氫 hydrogen sulphide; 化銀 silver sulphide; 化銅 copper sulphide; 化銨 ammonium sulphide; 化鋅 zinc sulphide; 化鍚 stannic sulphide; 化鎘 cadmium sulphide. 
2.黃 [liu2huang2], n., (chem.) sulphur (also wr. 磺); 磺酸 thionic acids. 
3.酸 [liu2suan1], n., (chem.) sulphuric acid, sulphate; 酸鈉 sodium sulphate (Glauber's salt); 酸鈣 calcium sulphate; 酸鉀 potassium sulphate; 酸鉛 lead sulphate; 酸鉻 chromic sulphate; 酸銅 cupric sulphate; 酸銨 ammonium sulphate; 酸鋁 aluminum sulphate; 酸鋇 barium sulphate; 酸鋅 zinc sulphate; 酸鎂 magnesium sulphate; 酸鎳 nickel sulphate; 酸鐵 ferric sulphate; 酸治瘧鹼 quinine sulphate.