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ㄌㄠˊ [lao2 (*ㄌㄠˋ [lao4). [Pop. ]Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
N(1)  Accomplishment, work: 功 merit, achievements.
(2)  A surname.
(3)  Worker, laborer: 方 the labor (opp. 資方 the management);
資糾紛 trouble between labor and management.
(4)  (Chin. med.) a wasting disease, any disease resulting from excessive physical weakening: [lao2shang1], [lao2zhai4]↓.
V(1)  Do manual work: [lao2dong4]↓;
心,力 mental and manual work(ers).
(2)  To trouble (s.o.) with (s.t.): [lao2jia4]↓;
人費馬 (of tasks) involve a lot of labor;
往返 made a trip in vain.
(3)  (*[lao4]) Bring gifts to fighting army, bring comfort to: [lao2jUn1]↓;
to comfort (victims of flood, etc.).
AdjHard, wearisome: 煩 troublesome;
tiring, tiresome, tired.
Words1.保 [lao2bao3], n., labor insurance (short for 工保險). 
2.步 [lao2bu4], v.t., (court.) (of friends) come to pay a visit: 昨天步,還沒有回拜呢 I have not yet paid a return call on you for your call on me yesterday. 
3.頓 [lao2dun4], adj., weary and tired. 
4.動 [lao2dong4], v.i., (1)  do physical labor; 動者 workers, laborers; 動節 Labor Day; (2)  ([lao2dong0]) (court.) to bother, trouble: 又得動您 sorry to trouble you again; 動大駕 please be good enough to do me a favor. 
5.乏 [lao2fa2], adj., physically exhausted. 
6.煩 [lao2fan2], v.t., (court.) cause (s.o.) trouble: 煩你 may I trouble you? 
7.費 [lao2fei4], v.t., cost trouble and expenses. 
8.工 [lao2gong1], n., labor, individual workers or as a class. 
9.瘵 [lao2zhai4], n., (med.) tuberculosis (=肺癆). 
10.症 [lao2zheng4], n., ditto. 
11.績 [lao2ji1], n., work done, accomplishment, merit. 
12.駕 [lao2jia4], v.t., (usu. used in the second person) please do me a favor: 駕你一會兒 may I trouble you for a moment? 不敢您大駕 dare not trouble you; 駕! 駕! thank you so much! 
13.金 [lao2jin1], n., compensation for work, reward, fee. 
14.倦 [lao2jUan4], adj., tired out. 
15.軍 *[lao4jUn1], v.t., cheer up troops with gifts (also 師). 
16.苦 [lao2ku3](1)  v.i., to work hard; (2)  adj., having to work hard; (3)  (*[lao4ku3]) v.t., encourage, bring comfort to (s.o.). 
17.來 *[lao4lai4], v.t., (also 徠) encourage (s.o.) to enlist or come over. 
18.累 [lao2lei4], v.t., to trouble, bother: 太累了 it's too much trouble; 累您了 sorry to have bothered you. 
19.力 [lao2li4], n., manual labor: 力工作 physical or manual labor; 出賣力 sell one's labor for a living; 力所得 income from labor. 
20.碌 [lao2lu4], adj., hard-working: 奔忙碌 running about; adj.,碌了一整天 have slaved for a whole day;  
21.民 [lao2min2], v.t., (1)  belabor the people: 民傷財 waste of manpower and public funds; (2)  (*[lao4min2]) to cheer up the people by gift or message. 
22.傷 [lao2shang1], n., (Chin. med.) disease resulting from gen. weakening and exhaustion. 
23.神 [lao2shen2], v.t., bother (s.o. or oneself) with (s.t.); 神你 may I trouble you? please be so kind. 
24.心 [lao2xin1], v.t., (1)  do mental work: 心工作(者) white-collar work(er)opp. [lao2li4]↑; (2)  to worry. 
25.形 [lao2xing2], adj., tire body out (for living). 
26.師 *[lao4shi1], v.t., comfort troops with gifts, see [lao2jUn1]↑. 
27.什子 [lao2shi2zi0], n., (=牢什子) an eyesore, anything disagreeable or abominable. 
28.瘁 [lao2cui4], adj., wearied and worn. 
29.作 [lao2zuo4], n., (1)  manual labor class in school; (2)  manual labor. 
30.資 [lao2zi1], n., labor and management, labor and capital: 資關係 labor relations. 
31.務 [lao2wu4], n., service. 
32.燕 [lao2yan4], n., (LL) 伯 Lanius bucephalus, and swallows: 燕分飛 (LL) going in different ways, said of friends at time of departure. 
33.役 [lao2yi4], n., labor service, (criminal law) hard labor.