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ㄕㄥˋ [sheng4 (*ㄕㄥ [sheng1).Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
N(1)  Victory: [sheng4li4], 負,[sheng4fu4], [sheng4bai4]↓;
,得 win victory, to triumph;
a great victory;
to hold superiority or advantage;
利沖昏頭腦 to be dizzy with success.
(2)  Scenic view: 尋幽覽 visit places of scenic beauty.
(3)  A woman's hairdress: 方,春 formerly, slanting hair decorations.
V(1)  To excel, be better than: 過,[sheng4guo4], [sheng4shi4]↓;
(2)  (* [sheng1]) To be competent, able to bear: [sheng4ren4]↓;
esp. 不 extremely, unbearably: 不感激,悲痛 extremely grateful, grieved;
其煩 extremely difficult or trouble-some;
不可數 innumerable;
指不屈 more than one can count on one's hand;
小別新婚 a brief parting is as sweet as honeymoon.
Adj(1)  Triumphant.
(2)  Excellent, distinctive: [sheng4di4]↓;
友 distinguished friends;
遊 a glorious outing or trip.
Words1.敗 [sheng4bai4], n., victory and defeat. 
2.朝 [sheng4chao2], n., the defunct dynasty. 
3.地 [sheng4di4], n., a divine spot; a place of glorious views. 
4.負 [sheng4fu4], n., victory or defeat: 決負 decide victory; 負未卜 cannot predict winner. 
5.概 [sheng4gai4], n., an overwhelming emotion. 
6.冠 *[sheng1guan1], phr., (AC of children) to reach puberty. 
7.過 [sheng4guo4], v.i., to excel, be better than (person, thing). 
8.國 [sheng4guo2], n., the conquered nation or (defunct) dynasty. 
9.會 [sheng4hui4], n., a great, festive occasion. 
10. [sheng4ji1], n., (LL) places of historic interest. 
11.家(兒) [sheng4jia1] ([er0]), n., (gambling) the winner; Singer (sewing machine). 
12.利 [sheng4li4], n., victory, triumph. 
13.任 *[sheng1ren4], adj., competent: 任愉快 very competent at a job. 
14.如 [sheng4ru2], adj., see [sheng4shi4]↓. 
15.似 [sheng4shi4], adj., (esp. MC or poetic) better than, also as good as (seeing you in person, etc.). 
16.算 [sheng4suan4], n., a good plan, sure of success: 可操算 can be sure of success. 
17.訴 [sheng4su4], v.i., to win lawsuit; n., favorable decision at court trial. 
18.衣 *[sheng1yi1], v.i., (AC of child) be big enough to wear a formal dress: 弱不衣 (gen. of a woman) very delicate. 
19.義 [sheng4yi4], n., (Budd.) higher understanding of truth. 
20.於 [sheng4yU0], adj., better than: 聊於無 better than nothing; 於常人 better than average person.