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ㄔㄨˋ [chu4 (*ㄔㄨˇ [chu3 as vb.).Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
N(1)  A place: ,到,四,各 everywhere;
,別 another place;
my humble home;
(2)  Point, often used for ending of abstract nn.: 難 difficulty;
,不同 point of doubt, of difference;
,短 one's good point, shortcoming;
,壞 good and bad points.
(3)  Bureau, office, department, section: 警務 police department;
衛生 department of sanitation;
情報 information service;
辦事 office;
報名 registration office;
收費 cashier's office;
長,主任 department chief.
V(*[chu3]) (1)  To live, stay: 獨 to live alone;
約 live in poverty;
境困難 live in difficult circumstances;
在,於 be placed in (situation);
於死地 to send (person) to his doom.
(2)  To conduct, carry on, deal with: 身 conduct oneself;
世 carry on or deal with the world;
世之道 a way of life;
,共 (two people) carry on , get along (well, not well);
不來 cannot carry on.
(3)  To manage, deal with;
理,置,[chu4li3], [chu4zhi4]2, [chu4shi4]2↓.
(4)  To punish: 刑,治,分,[chu4xing2], [chu4zhi4]1, [chu4fen4], [chu4si3]↓.
Words1. [chu4chu4], adv., everywhere. 
2.斷 *[chu3duan4], v.t., to decide on difficult problem. 
3.方 [chu4fang1], n. & v.i., prescription; to prescribe. 
4.罰 *[chu3fa2], v.t., to punish. 
5.分 *[chu3fen0], v.t., ditto: 受分 be punished. 
6.斬 *[chu2zhan3], v.t., to execute (criminal). 
7.境 *[chu3jing4](1)  n., circumstances; (2)  v.t., be placed in situation. 
8.治 *[chu3zhi4]1, v.t., to punish. 
9.置 *[chu3zhi4]2(1)  v.t., to dispose of, to arrange, settle (matter): 置得好 well dealt with; v.t., 怎樣置 how to deal with (this matter)? (2)  n., settlement. 
10.決 *[chu3jUe2], v.t., (1)  to execute (criminal); (2)  to decide (matter). 
11.理 *[chu2li3], v.t., see [chu4zhi4]2↑. 
12.女 [chu2nU3], n., a virgin; 女膜 the hymen; 女地 virgin soil; 女作(作品) first work of an author; 女航 maiden voyage (of ship). 
13.刑 *[chu3xing2], v.t., to punish: 極刑 sentence to death. 
14.士 *[chu3shi4]1, n., a retired scholar. 
15.事 *[chu3shi4]2, v.t., deal with affairs. 
16.所 [chu4suo3], n., dwelling place. 
17.死 *[chu2si3], v.t., sentence to death. 
18.子 *[chu2zi3], n., (1)  see [chu4nU3]↑; (2)  (AC) see *[chu3shi4]1↑. 
19.窩子 *[chu3wo0zi0], n., one shut up away from society.