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ㄖㄨㄢˇ [ruan3. [Pop. form of ]Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
Adj(1)  Soft, yielding, flexible, weak, gentle (opp. 硬 hard, tough, rigid, strong, harsh): 硬 soft or hard, gentle or harsh;
皮塞兒 the cork of a bottle;
木塞 (兒) ditto;
皮 soft leather (skin);
不叮噹 soft, smooth, fluffy;
勒咕唧 soft to the touch;
easily bent, flexible, pliable: 柔體操 calisthenics;
和 comfortable, cosy, soft and tender: 和話兒 soft words;
語 soft speech, words gently spoken;
聲 soft-spoken voice;
美 charming;
纏,磨兒 cajole, coax;
熟 weak-kneed, having no backbone;
裌襖 a lined silk jacket;
床 a stretcher;
梯 a rope ladder;
糖 soft, gelatinous candies, sweetmeats;
(殼) 蛋 soft-shelled eggs;
筋 a kind of gluten of wheat of thin consistence;
綿綿 velvety, feathery;
答剌 weak and flabby;
兀剌 flaccid;
揣揣 timid, shy, coy;
善 weak from being too good and kind;
膿包 coward(ly);
不喫,硬不喫 (of persons) would neither listen to reason nor bow to force;
硬不喫 ditto;
喫硬不喫 understand only the language of force;
不喫硬 can be persuaded by reason but not be cowed by force;
硬兼施 bring both force and reason to bear;
怕硬 meek towards the brutal and brutal towards the meek;
心 (腸) tenderhearted, softhearted;
be easily swayed by others;
(lit.) lacking in muscular strength, (fig.) haven't enough courage to do s.t. cruel;
can hardly stand up or walk;
飯 (or men) live on the earnings of a woman;
功 (夫) tactics of persuasion;
碰了一個釘子 meet with a polite refusal (gentle rebuff).
(2)  Deficient, insufficient: 菜 few good dishes to eat;
戲碼兒 (of Peking opera) an unattractive program.
Words1.半 [ruan3ban4], adj., less than one half. 
2.刀子 [ruan3dao1zi0], n., killing of people by a slow and imperceptible process or means. 
3.風 [ruan3feng1], n., (1)  a light breeze; (2)  (meteorology) winds with a velocity of 1.5-3.4 meters per second. 
4.膏 [ruan3gao1], n., ointment. 
5.骨 [ruan2gu3], n., (physiol.) cartilage. 
6.化 [ruan3hua4], v.i. & t. & n., (lit. & fig.) soften(ing). 
7.炸 [ruan3zha2], v.t., (cooking) to fry without overdoing it. 
8.腳 [ruan2jiao3], v.i., (MC) give a dinner party of welcome to s.o. back from journey; 腳病 (med.) beriberi. 
9.禁 [ruan3jin4], v.t., keep under detention, usu. in person's house. 
10.脂酸 [ruan3zhi1suan1], n., (chem.) the palmitic acid. 
11.口蓋 [ruan3kou3gai4], n., (physiol.) the soft palate. 
12.款 [ruan2kuan3], adj., shy, coy, bashful. 
13.片 [ruan3pian4], n., photographic film. 
14.弱 [ruan3ruo4], adj., (1)  (sp. pr. ruaan-’ruo) made of inferior material; (2)  (ruaan-’ruo) weak, sickly; (3)  easily influenced. 
15.繩 [ruan3sheng2], n., (acrobatics) a tightrope: 踩繩 walking on tightrope. 
16.性 [ruan3xing4], adj., of an amusing or non-serious nature, (of books, plays, music) light; adj., 性下疳 [ruan3xing4xia4gan1], n., (med.) soft chancre. 
17.刑 [ruan3xing2], n., soft, refined torture. 
18.水 [ruan2shui3], n., (chem.) soft water. 
19.鐵 [ruan2tie3], n., soft iron. 
20.體動物 [ruan2ti3dong4wu4], n., (zoo.) mollusk. 
21.子 [ruan3zi0], n., basket or other container for holding things: 刨子 calculate the net weight by subtracting the weight of container. 
22.棗(兒) [ruan2zao3]([er0]), n., a kind of dates produced in Mukden. 
23.玉 [ruan3yU4], n., (min.) nephrite.