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ㄐㄧㄝ [jie1.Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
NA surname.
V(1)  Hoist, raise, lift: 開鍋蓋 lift up the pot cover;
竿 [jie1gan1]↓.
(2)  Proclaim, announce: [jie1zhu1], [jie1xiao3]↓.
(3)  Expose, disclose, uncover, unveil: [jie1lu4], 穿 [jie1chuan1], [jie1kai0], [jie1po4]↓.
Words1.榜 [jie1bang3], v.i., announce the results of an examination. 
2.白 [jie1bai2], v.i., draw the likeness of a dead person's facial appearance. 
3.裱 [jie1biao3], v.t., take off from old mount and mount anew (scrolls). 
4.穿 [jie1chuan1], v.t., bare, expose (secret). 
5.短(兒) [jie1duan3] ([jie1duaaer0]), v.i., expose s.o.’s weaknesses. 
6.發 [jie1fa1], v.t., to disclose, to reveal (secret, scandal). 
7.竿 [jie1gan1], v.i., to revolt, rebel: 竿而起 (allu.) raise the standard of revolt (with “bamboo poles”even without arms); 竿起義 ditto. 
8.根子 [jie1gen1zi0], phr., expose (friend's secrets). 
9.櫫 [jie1zhu1], v.t., proclaim, announce, publish. 
10.開 [jie1kai0], v.t., uncover, unseal, tear open. 
11.露 [jie1lu4], v.t., announce (results of lottery, etc.), publish (scandals,etc.) in newspapers. 
12.幕 [jie1mu4], v.i., inaugurate, unveil a new building, monument, theater, etc.(“raise the curtain”); v.i.,(fig.) come into being, get under way. 
13.破 [jie1po4], v.t., see [jie1chuan1]↑. 
14.曉 [jie1xiao3], v.t., publish, annouce (the results of an examination). 
15.示 [jie1shi4], v.t., to post a notice, publicly announce. 
16.挑 [jie1tiao0], v.i., see [jie1duan3]↑. 
17.帖 [jie1tie3](1)  v.t., see [jie1shi4]↑; (2)  n., a written note: 匿名帖 an anonymous letter or poster, usu. of a slanderous nature.