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ㄧㄤˊ [yang2.Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
N(AC) battle-axe.
V(1)  To hoist (sail, flag).
(2)  To wave, flutter, stir: 手 wave hand;
flutter in the wind;
湯止沸 stir the soup to stop boiling--a temporary redress;
眉吐氣 a feeling of exaltation upon fulfillment;
塵 kick up dust.
(3)  To spread abroad, make known: 宣 publicize, propagate (faith, beliefs);
(光大),宏 to further develop or expand (idea, thoughts);
to publicize.
AdjLoud, showy: 趾高氣 strut about, head in the clouds, give oneself airs;
聲 a loud voice.
Words1.長 [yang2chang2], phr., 長而去 to shake the sleeves and go away haughtily--sail out of the room. 
2.氣 [yang2qi0], adj., smug, self-satisfied. 
3.搉 [yang2qUe4], v.t., (LL) as in 搉古今 make a cursory review of the past and the present. 
4.厲 [yang2li4], adj., arrogant. 
5.名 [yang2ming2], phr., spread fame. 
6.聲 [yang2sheng1] phr., raise one's voice; 聲器 loud-speaker. 
7.威 [yang2wei1], phr., 耀武威 to parade military prowess. 
8.言 [yang2yan2], v.i., to announce openly what often is untrue. 
9. [yang2yang2], adj., self-satisfied.