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ㄓㄤˇ [zhang3.Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
N(1)  The palm of hand: 巴,手 ditto;
sole of foot;
clap in applause;
clap hands as signal;
(audience) clap applause;
難鳴 one cannot make a clap with one hand--useless without friendly support.
(2)  (Fig.) as in: 易如反 very easy to do (“as turning hand over”);
瞭如指 very evident;
上明珠 a dearly beloved daughter.
(3)  Paw, hoof of animal: 熊 (edible) bear's paw;
duck's feet;
釘馬 put on horse-shoe.
(4)  Paw-like object: 仙人 cactus, “prickly pear.”
V(1)  to slap: 頰 slap on the face;
嘴 slap across the mouth.
(2)  To be in charge of, be head of: 管,[zhang3guan3], [zhang3wo4]↓;
a person's duty;
家 manage a home;
校 to head a school;
教 to head a church;
政 head a government;
案兒的 the employee in butcher shop responsible for chopping;
兒的 the cook specialising in frying;
灶兒的 person in charge of cooking in restaurant;
鼓 (person) be in charge of the drum (Chin. opera).
(3)  To bear, stand: 不住笑了 could not help laughing;
住不哭出來 control one's weeping.
Words1.案 [zhang3an4], n., head of bureau of files and records. 
2.權 [zhang3qUan2], v.i., to have real power. 
3.燈 [zhang3deng1], phr., to light a lamp: 燈的時候 the hour when lamps are lighted. 
4.舵 [zhang3duo4](1)  n., helmsman; (2)  v.i., to be at the helm. 
5.管 [zhang3guan3], v.t., to have charge of (household, the lights, the official seal, etc.). 
6.櫃的 [zhang3gui4de0], n., (1)  cashier; (2)  the boss, in shop. 
7.故 [zhang3gu4], n., anecdote in gen.; stories of the past. 
8.記 [zhang3ji4], n., (1)  (AC) historiographer in charge of recording natural phenomena (comets, etc.); (2)  secretary in charge of documents and official communications. 
9.理 [zhang2li3], v. t., see [zhang3guan3]↑. 
10.扇 [zhang3shan4], n., a big parasol with long handle, used in parades. 
11.心 [zhang3xin1], n., center of palm of hand; 心雷 Taoist magic, reputed to be able to call forth thunder by rubbing palm of hand. 
12.紋 [zhang3wen2], n., hand lines in palmistry. 
13.握 [zhang3wo4], n. & v.t., control, have in control: 握時政 in charge of government policy.