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ㄕㄨㄟˋ [shui4.Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
taxation: 抽 to levy tax;
n. & v.t., tax;
pay tax;
印花 stamp duty;
營業 business tax;
所得 income tax;
利得 tax on profits.
V駕 (AC) to unharness horse, i.e., to stop and rest.
Words1.契 [shui4qi4], n., title deed. 
2.單 [shui4dan1], n., tax receipt. 
3.額 [shui4e2], n., amount of tax. 
4.法 [shui4fa3], n., tariff, tax law. 
5.關 [shui4guan1], n., customs (frontier, maritime). 
6.金 [shui4jin1], n., tax dues. 
7.捐 [shui4jUan1], n., taxes and levies. 
8.局 (子) [shui4jU2]([zi0]), n., formerly, inland tax bureau. 
9.課 [shui4ke4], n., tax, levy. 
10.款 [shui4kuan3], n., tax dues. 
11.吏 [shui4li4], n., tax collector. 
12.率 [shui4lU4], n., tax rate. 
13.票 [shui4piao4], n., tax receipt, see [shui4dan1]↑. 
14.收 [shui4shou1], n., revenue from tax. 
15.則 [shui4ze2], n., tariff, tax regulations. 
16.務 [shui4wu4], n., customs administration; 務司 Commissioner of Customs.