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ㄒㄧ [xi1.Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
Adj(1)  Sparse (hair, trees).
(2)  Few, rare (interch. 希): 物以 (or 希) 為貴 objects are valued because of their rarity;
月明星 with a clear moon and few stars;
(3)  Diluted (liquids): [xi1fan4]↓;
粥 thin gruel: 湯 clear light soup;
水泥和了 the cement is too much diluted.
(4)  Ragged, torn: 亂八糟 topsy-turvy.
Words1.薄 [xi1bo2], adj., thin and diluted. 
2.奇 [xi1qi2], adj., rare (also wr. 希). 
3.飯 [xi1fan4], n., rice gruel; congee. 
4.爛 [xi1lan4], adj., ragged, rotten, torn, overcooked. 
5.破 [xi1po4], n., adj., broken, tattered, ruptured, torn. 
6.少 [xi1shao3], adj., rare (also wr. 希). 
7.疏 [xi1shu1], adj., thin, sparse (hair, trees). 
8.鬆 [xi1song1], adj., loose (plot, story); not compact; irrelevant.