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ㄧㄥˋ [ying4.Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
Adj(1)  Hard: 繃繃,邦邦 very hard.
(2)  Stubborn, firm, adamant (attitude): 骨頭,脾氣 stubborn in temperament.
(3)  Hard-hearted: 心腸 opp. 軟 soft-hearted.
(4)  Raw, stiff, not fluent: 舌頭 tongue is stiff in learning language;
not well learned, forced, not skillful or smooth.
(5)  Solid, well-equipped: 陣容很 staffed with the best personnel;
戲碼兒 theater has solid program.
AdvBy force, doggedly, without flinching: 拉 pull by force;
掙,撐 hold up by force;
esp. 著頭皮,著臉子 braving all rebuff;
著心腸 with hardened heart, i.e., unwillingly (do s.t. cruel);
把他的名掛上 put his name on the list against his will.
Words1.幣 [ying4bi4], n., hard currency. 
2.氣 [ying4qi4], n. & adj., firm, -ness: 兒子偏不氣 unfortunately the son is weak in character. 
3.度 [ying4du4], n., (jewels, steel) degree of hardness. 
4.幹 [ying4gan4], v.i., to do recklessly. 
5.膏 [ying4gao1], n., (med.) plasters. 
6.漢 [ying4han4], n., a strong-willed person, one who never yields. 
7.化 [ying4hua4], v.i., to harden, stiffen: 動脈血管化 sclerosis; v.i., 化症 [ying4hua4zheng4], n., cirrhosis. 
8.黃紙 [ying4huang2zhi3], n., sized paper. 
9.貨 [ying4huo4], n., metallic coins. 
10.脂 [ying4zhi1], n., (chem.) stearin, suet, tallow. 
11.朗 [ying4lang0], adj., robust (health). 
12.臉 [ying4lian3], phr., accept no compromise. 
13.裡子 [ying4li3zi0], n., important supporting actors in troupe. 
14.領(兒)(子) [ying4ling3] ([er0]) ([zi0]), n., stiff collar. 
15.煤 [ying4mei2], n., anthracite coal. 
16.麵(兒) [ying4mian4] ([ying4miaher0]), n., hard noodles, made with less water. 
17.木 [ying4mu4], n., hardwood. 
18.橡皮 [ying4xiang4pi2], n., ebonite. 
19.性 [ying4xing4], n., hardness, rigidity. 
20.手(兒) [ying4shou3] ([er0]), n., an able hand or assistant. 
21.水 [ying4shui3], n., hard water. 
22.頭貨 [ying4tou0huo4], n., (1)  money; (2)  indigestible stuff. 
23.彩 [ying4cai3], n., deep-colored enamel on porcelain. 
24.玉 [ying4yU4], n., jadeite.