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ㄧㄢˋ [yan4.Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
NInk slab, ink stone, the grinding of which seems to occupy writer's labors, hence 耕,[yan4geng1], [yan4tian2]↓;
as symbol of study at school: 同 classmate “having shared the same ink slab”;
友,兄,[yan4you3], [yan4xiong1], [yan4di4]↓.
Words1.池 [yan4chi2], n., depression in ink slab for collecting water. 
2.滴 [yan4di1], n., a small container for dripping water on ink slab. 
3.弟 [yan4di4], n., junior classmate. 
4.耕 [yan4geng1], v.t., (LL) to make a living by writing. 
5.室 [yan4shi4], n., case for ink stone. 
6.兄 [yan4xiong1], n., senior classmate. 
7.臺 (commonly 台) [yan4tai0], n., an ink stone. 
8.田 [yan4tian2], n., (LL) writer's way of making a living, see [yan4geng1]↑. 
9.瓦 [yan4wa3], n., ink stone. 
10.友 [yan4you3], n., classmate.