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ㄑㄧㄣˊ [qin2.Homophone
A Chinese Talking Syllabary of the Cantonese Dialect
NDepartment of work, its worker: [qin2wu4]↓;
office work;
field work involving running around;
go out on field duty;
during hours of duty;
總部 Combined Service Forces General Headquarters.
VBe diligent at: 政 diligently attending to government affairs;
民 diligently attend to people's welfare;
Adj(1)  Diligent, industrious, hard-working: 學 study hard.
(2)  Attentive, earnest, anxious to please: 殷,獻殷 to court a lady, to do everything to please (also wr. 慇懃).
Words1.惰 [qin2duo4], n., degree of hard work or laziness. 
2.儉 [qin2jian3] ([qin2jian4]), adj. & n., industry and thrift; hardworking and thrifty. 
3.謹 [qin2jin3], adj., dutiful and careful in work. 
4.懇 [qin2ken3], adj., earnest and assiduous. 
5.快 [qin2kuai4], adj., efficient (at work). 
6.苦 [qin2ku3], adj., hard-working, sparing no energy, diligent. 
7.勞 [qin2lao2], adj., hard-working, busy, indefatigable. 
8.力 [qin2li4], adj., diligent, industrious. 
9.勉 [qin2mian3], adj., earnest (at work). 
10.王 [qin2wang2], phr., to serve the royal house; to send troops to support king when the latter is in trouble. 
11.務 [qin2wu4], n., military logistic support; ground crew for air force; person so employed; 務兵 an orderly in army.